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16 Things All Book Nerds Are Guilty Of Doing During The Holidays

*brings five books for a two hour plane ride*

1. First off, you carefully and deliberately plan EVERY book you want to read over winter break.

karelzzz / Via

2. And you experience the true struggle of jamming your suitcase full of these unread books.

lennonsharpe / Via

And most likely end up going over the weight limit for baggage.

3. The only reason you look forward to traveling is because EXTRA READING TIME.

jessyates / Via

4. And when your friends invite you out, you make the winning choice of staying in and reading.

valerieconway / Via

Also because bar hopping isn't so fun when it's FUCKING FREEZING outside.

5. You've attempted to get crafty with ~bookspiration~ decoration.

katannrose / Via

6. And after dinner, you basically ignore the family you see once a year in favor of finding a quiet place to read.

amomentcherished / Via

7. You put AT LEAST one book-themed ornament on your tree.

yukinakid / Via

8. While holiday shopping, you're guilty of taking a "quick stop" at Barnes & Noble and losing track of time.

eunahling / Via

9. And 99% of the time you end up giving everyone books as presents.

hodderbooks / Via


10. But if it's a book you haven't read before, you'll definitely end up reading it before gifting it to them.

klara.kraegeloh / Via

Literally the taste test of books.

11. You read your way through dinner instead of partaking in your family's Great Political Debate That Definitely Won't End Well.

wanderlustforwords67 / Via

12. 9 times out of 10, your relatives end up gifting you a book you've already read.

butterbeerstiles / Via

13. Or you end up striking gold with a plethora of Barnes & Noble gift cards.

abibliophilelife / Via

Which you'll splurge by the end of January.

14. You feel the purest sense of elation when you see your name on a book-shaped present.

garrettdrewellis / Via

15. And your heart practically bursts with joy when your little cousin asks you for recommendations.

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16. And when the holidays are all over, you immediately begin planning what you'll read on your next vacation.

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