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16 Things All Book Nerds Are Guilty Of Doing During The Holidays

*brings five books for a two hour plane ride*

1. First off, you carefully and deliberately plan EVERY book you want to read over winter break.

2. And you experience the true struggle of jamming your suitcase full of these unread books.

3. The only reason you look forward to traveling is because EXTRA READING TIME.

4. And when your friends invite you out, you make the winning choice of staying in and reading.

5. You've attempted to get crafty with ~bookspiration~ decoration.

6. And after dinner, you basically ignore the family you see once a year in favor of finding a quiet place to read.

7. You put AT LEAST one book-themed ornament on your tree.

8. While holiday shopping, you're guilty of taking a "quick stop" at Barnes & Noble and losing track of time.

9. And 99% of the time you end up giving everyone books as presents.

10. But if it's a book you haven't read before, you'll definitely end up reading it before gifting it to them.

11. You read your way through dinner instead of partaking in your family's Great Political Debate That Definitely Won't End Well.

12. 9 times out of 10, your relatives end up gifting you a book you've already read.

13. Or you end up striking gold with a plethora of Barnes & Noble gift cards.

14. You feel the purest sense of elation when you see your name on a book-shaped present.

15. And your heart practically bursts with joy when your little cousin asks you for recommendations.

16. And when the holidays are all over, you immediately begin planning what you'll read on your next vacation.