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    16 Things All Book Lovers Are Guilty Of Doing

    We've all judged someone based on what they're reading.

    1. Eye the cover of a book that a stranger is reading and judge them for their taste.

    2. Read the last page of a book you just started and instantly regret it.

    3. Attempt to guess which Hogwarts house a person belongs in before they tell you.

    4. Become jealous when someone is reading your favorite book for the first time.

    5. And become even MORE jealous when your BFF gets tons of Barnes & Noble gift cards for their birthday.

    6. Cancel plans because you'd rather wander the aisles of a bookstore by yourself instead.

    7. Come up with chapter titles for your pretend memoir.

    8. Bring a book with you to the doctor's office to entertain yourself while in the waiting room.

    9. Hide the cover of a ~steamy~ novel while reading in public.

    10. Spend way too much time trying to get that ~perfect~ Insta-worthy photo of your new favorite book.

    11. Pick at a tag on your book until it's completely off to preserve the ~aesthetic quality~ of your cover.

    12. Accidentally spill coffee or tea on a book and have a mini-panic attack.

    13. Read a book so many times that the binding starts coming apart.

    14. Pack more books than clothes when you're traveling on vacation.

    15. Buy multiple copies of one book because paperback!! E-books!! Special edition!!

    16. And finally, JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.