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This Harry Potter-Themed Nursery Is Wonderfully Enchanting

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While expecting their fourth child, Tiffany and her husband came up with a brilliant plan to create a Harry Potter-themed nursery, and it's basically what dreams are made of.

"My husband and I made the decision that this would be our last baby," Tiffany told BuzzFeed. "He's our fourth, so I decided it was now or never for a Harry Potter nursery."

"We started in February and finished the last few things last night, creating the nursery took a little less than two months," Tiffany continued.

Tiffany Nicole / Via Facebook: profile.php

She added that due to time constraints, a lot of the Harry Potter merchandise came from Etsy, Amazon, and the Noble Collection.

Tiffany said she grew up with the books, and she wanted to create the nursery because the series completely changed her life.

"I just recently introduced the movies to my other children, and that's when we decided it would be perfect to design his nursery with a story that has made such an impact on my childhood."

From Fang to the Sorting Hat, the level of detail in this Gryffindor-inspired nursery is just one of the things that makes it incredibly ~enchanting~.

"We did a Harry Potter-themed birthday for my six-year-old back in January, and we did Harry Potter-themed Christmas presents for my son last year. They both have robes and wands, and my son has his own broom," Tiffany said. "My daughter went from wanting all things Frozen to all things Harry Potter. It's amazing."


Mandrake and Flesh-Eating Slug Repellent? Check. Polyjuice Potion and Quidditch World Cup ticket? CHECK AND CHECK.