31 Behind-The-Scenes Pictures And Bloopers From "The Good Place" That You'll Wanna See

    I'm happy crying.

    1. When Ted (Michael) and William (Chidi) danced it out before shooting their scene:

    2. When D'Arcy (Janet) captured the chaotic energy of the cast during their table read:

    3. When Jameela (Tahani) gave us this behind-the-scenes look at how they made Glenn explode into a pile of blue goo:

    4. And when D'Arcy snapped a selfie with Shawn (Marc) post-goo explosion:

    5. When D'Arcy shared this tender moment between Manny (Jason) and Kristen (Eleanor) between takes:

    6. And when D'Arcy had her own sweet moment on set with Maya (The Judge):

    7. When Manny posted this epic selfie of the whole gang in costume:

    8. When William shared a bonding moment while in the good place with Ted:

    9. And when we were blessed with another beautiful behind-the-scenes moment between Maya and Jameela:

    10. When William gave us a snazzy moment on the train while filming Janet's rescue:

    11. When Kristen shared this lounge moment with William:

    12. When Ted posted this pensive picture of him and Kristen:

    13. When Ted was merely the opening act for Kristen's big finale:

    14. When D'Arcy captured this candid moment between Ted and William:

    15. When Jameela gazed adoringly at Ted between takes:

    16. When Ted decided to master "flossing" when he wasn't memorizing his lines:

    17. When we got another sneak peak at a table read and discovered Ted loves a good table read dessert:

    18. When it took a few tries to nail Disco Janet:

    19. When the writers brought on an icon (Lisa Kudrow) during Season 4:

    20. When Ted posted this hilarious blooper of Manny missing his important catch and therefore erasing the universe:

    21. When Kristen posted this goofy photo of her and William on set:

    22. When D'Arcy gave us a little peak into her wardrobe fitting:

    23. When William blessed the set of the good place with his doggo:

    24. When Ted brought the whole group together for this shot:

    25. When Manny proved that any time can be selfie time:

    26. When D'Arcy and Ted stayed true to their characters as she snapped a selfie:

    27. When this iconic group photo was taken:

    28. When Kristen and D'Arcy posed with writer Josh Siegal:

    29. When we were blessed with this adorable trio in one photo:

    30. When this MEGA selfie happened, and it was perfect:

    31. And finally, when William posted the crew on the infamous hot air balloon that takes them to — where else? — THE GOOD PLACE: