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Sorry, Pineapple On Pizza Is A Goddamn Delight

Pineapple forever.

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We need to take a moment to discuss the most delicious pizza on this good earth: pineapple pizza.

The sweet/salty combination is actually heaven sent and you need to RESPECT. IT.

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Let me explain it to you in some simple mathematical terms...

Pineapple is delicious.

Farrah Penn for BuzzFeed / Via PNG All

Pizza is delicious.

Farrah Penn for BuzzFeed / Via PNG Mart


BuzzFeed / Palermo's Pizza

Listen, we live in a world where KALE and OLIVES and goddamn ANCHOVIES are allowed to live on as "acceptable" pizza toppings. Why not pineapple?

harryspizzeria / Via

In conclusion, you are allowed to keep your incorrect opinion but pineapple on pizza is a fucking delight.


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