24 Times Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Were The #CoupleGoals The Internet Deserves


    1. First and foremost, when they recently got married in Vegas after the Billboard Music Awards because they're fun together and do whatever the hell they want:

    2. And when they were like, "fuck it," and celebrated their marriage by swimming in a hot tub with their clothes on:

    3. When they watched Game of Thrones together and screamed when Sophie's name appeared in the opening credits:

    4. When Sophie was being interviewed before the Met Gala and Joe was being loud in the other room:

    5. When Joe knew Sophie was capable of great things:

    6. When they were hilarious in the snow together on vacation:

    7. I mean it — Sophie spectacularly dived into the snow FOR THE CONTENT:

    8. When Joe dressed up as Sansa Stark for Halloween:

    9. And when Sophie dressed up as an elephant, capturing it all on the 'gram:

    10. When Sophie was asked if Joe is rooting for Sansa to take the Iron Throne and Sophie got flustered:

    11. When they weren't afraid to bust out goofy dance moves:

    12. When Joe was hilarious with Sophie's name card before the Billboard Music Awards:

    13. And when Sophie confirmed that Joe was there for her during that rough time of the month:

    14. When Joe was hilarious after recreating Sophie's photo in the 3-second photo booth challenge:

    15. When they wore coordinating outfits to the Met Gala and looked SUPER FIERCE:

    16. When Joe admired Sophie's devotion and dedication to giving the viewers of the Jumbotron a good time by chugging the rest of her wine:

    17. And when Joe was adorably supportive of Sophie on Twitter:

    18. When Sophie told us that Joe was on set a lot during the final season:

    19. And when he was her date to the final Game of Thrones premiere for Season 8:

    20. When Sophie supported the Jonas Brothers reunion and appeared in the "Sucker" music video:

    21. When they celebrated the holidays together with the rest of his family:

    22. When Joe looks at her adoringly...

    23. ...and when he kisses her sweetly...

    24. ...it's proof that these two hilarious weirdos have won each other's hearts — AND YET THEY'VE ALSO WON OURS.