19 Secrets Librarians Will Never Tell You

    We don't shush people all day, TBH.

    1. They don't get sick of books.

    2. But they DO get annoyed when people say things like "All you do is read books all day, must be nice!"

    3. It's not uncommon to find ~surprises~ inside returned books — food, mold, and a few soaking wet books.

    4. Catching people in the act of fulfilling the ~sexy librarian fantasy~ isn't as common as you'd think.

    5. They don't really mind if books are a little overdue.

    6. However, it's annoying when a book is WAY overdue.

    7. What's worse is when patrons straight-up deny even checking a book out.

    8. Despite what the media portrays, they are not constantly shushing people all day.

    9. And they don't get annoyed when patrons are loud in the non-quiet areas.

    10. But they really don't like scolding anyone, TBH.

    11. They love giving recommendations, so don't be afraid to ask.

    12. A big challenge for librarians in public libraries is providing fun, resourceful things on a tight budget.

    13. Nothing beats finding out they've helped someone succeed.

    14. If the book you want isn't there, they might be able to get it elsewhere for you.

    15. They really do love helping people.

    16. They also *LOVE* hosting events for the community.

    17. They're not terribly offended with the nerd stereotype.

    18. They don't mind trying their best to help you find a book based on only the cover, but it does help if you have more information.

    19. They appreciate when patrons do nice things for them, but the main way to keep your favorite library going is letting your local government know.