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    19 Secrets Librarians Will Never Tell You

    We don't shush people all day, TBH.

    1. They don't get sick of books.


    A lot of them have always been, and probably always will be, readers. They love discussing all things books both in and out of the library.

    2. But they DO get annoyed when people say things like "All you do is read books all day, must be nice!"


    They're collecting materials (books, movies, databases, etc.), providing programming for all ages and hopefully all demographics, going out into the community to show how the library can benefit them, teaching classes, etc.

    3. It's not uncommon to find ~surprises~ inside returned books — food, mold, and a few soaking wet books.

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    TAKE CARE OF YOUR SHIT. They also see books with pages ripped out, weird stains on pages, and just completely ruined books.

    4. Catching people in the act of fulfilling the ~sexy librarian fantasy~ isn't as common as you'd think.


    They've definitely caught and broken up a few makeout sessions. It comes with the territory, especially if you have hidden corners and comfortable furniture. But nothing more extreme than that. However, they've heard that happens more frequently in libraries on college campuses.

    5. They don't really mind if books are a little overdue.


    Life happens, and they get that sometimes you need a little extra time with a book.

    6. However, it's annoying when a book is WAY overdue.

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    They don't like it when a book is extremely overdue, to the point where others have been waiting a long time for it — or if the item is not returned at all.

    7. What's worse is when patrons straight-up deny even checking a book out.

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    C'mon, dude, let's not make this awkward. Just secretly return it in the night drop and no one will say anything.

    8. Despite what the media portrays, they are not constantly shushing people all day.

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    They really only monitor the noise level in designated quiet areas. In those places, they do have to shush people sometimes, which isn't fun. Libraries are incredibly multifaceted spaces that reflect their communities and no longer places where everyone is told to "Shhhh!"

    9. And they don't get annoyed when patrons are loud in the non-quiet areas.

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    Public libraries have a lot of loud programs (ex: children's programs are almost always loud), so it comes with the territory. Libraries are more than what people used to think of them as. There are science experiments and movies and music and lots of other awesome stuff going on in them!

    10. But they really don't like scolding anyone, TBH.

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    Just please, follow the rules.

    11. They love giving recommendations, so don't be afraid to ask.


    They love giving book recommendations (or what us library-types call a "reader's advisory"). It's honestly one of their favorite parts of the job. If you're looking for a new book to read, ask your librarian!

    12. A big challenge for librarians in public libraries is providing fun, resourceful things on a tight budget.

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    Having a limited or small budget and wanting to provide ALL THE THINGS is difficult. Thankfully, librarians are resourceful and pretty badass in their desire to promote knowledge and open access to information for all.

    13. Nothing beats finding out they've helped someone succeed.


    Once they had a regular patron pass his nursing exam that he had been coming to the library daily for months to study for. He asked them to read the computer screen that showed he passed. That was a great thing to be a part of, albeit from a distance, as just providing a safe, comfortable place and the technology and tools for him to study.

    14. If the book you want isn't there, they might be able to get it elsewhere for you.


    They can try to borrow the book from a different library (ask your library about interlibrary loans!), or, if budget and demand allows, they will consider purchasing the book to add to their collection.

    15. They really do love helping people.


    That could be helping a child find books that will encourage their love to read, showing someone how to use computers to help them gain job skills, or providing tools on helping someone go back to school or where to go for somewhere safe and warm to sleep for the night.

    16. They also *LOVE* hosting events for the community.

    17. They're not terribly offended with the nerd stereotype.

    18. They don't mind trying their best to help you find a book based on only the cover, but it does help if you have more information.

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    It's not easy, but they try.

    19. They appreciate when patrons do nice things for them, but the main way to keep your favorite library going is letting your local government know.

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    They've received thank-you notes, flowers, etc., and they always appreciate them, but they also try to tell people to support your librarians by using your library and letting your local government know that you love the library and want to see more money go toward purchasing items and bringing in new resources.