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19 Restaurants Who Went Way, Way Too Far


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1. This restaurant who decided to be very, very fancy with how they presented their bacon.

amalgamatecs / Via

2. This restaurant who served up dessert on a tree.

alienhand171 / Via

3. And this restaurant who decided to create this literal broccoli tree.

juangutip / Via

4. This restaurant who made a whole freakin' presentation for onion rings.

Igbertsweed87 / Via

5. And this restaurant who made serving a burrito extra fancy by placing it in a magic lamp.

loosool / Via

6. This restaurant invested in mini shopping carts to present appetizers to people.

eldritch_blast / Via

7. And this restaurant who went through the effort of putting your sauce in a syringe so you can be the one to inject it.

MrsD93 / Via

8. And this restaurant who also deconstructed this donut so you can fill it to your heart's desire with cream.

amongstthewaves / Via

9. This restaurant who placed this cocktail in a cage for some reason.

thrilled32 / Via

10. And this restaurant who made damn sure everything would fit on top of this one tiny glass.

snallygaster / Via

11. This restaurant who presented a single strawberry in this ornate bird leg.

creamyhorror / Via

12. And this restaurant who decided to channel some Lady Gaga vibes.

Clackpot / Via

13. This restaurant who thought this would be a unique way to serve a salad.

thestreetlife / Via

14. And this restaurant who took charcuterie to the next level.

TheMMBro / Via

15. This restaurant who found a cozy little seat to serve dessert on.

dosomeida / Via

16. And this restaurant who presented some appetizers on tree stumps for the ~aesthetic~.

ekay213 / Via

17. This restaurant who got woodsy with their dessert and served it on sticks.

Clackpot / Via

18. This restaurant who thought hanging chips like laundry would be a fine idea.

mmonzeob / Via

19. And finally, this restaurant who believed the best way to enjoy spaghetti was to make it levitate on a stick.

HittingSmoke / Via

H/t r/WeWantPlates and r/StupidFood

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