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20 Times The Female Anatomy Was Lost On Men In 2020

"I didn't know about mascara. I just thought girls cried like ink squids."

1. This gentleman who is not a believer: 

2. This guy who learned something "new."

3. The guy who mansplained women's breasts: 

4. And this guy who seemed to understand childbirth more than women do. 

5. This sister's shocking discovery:

Today I discovered BOTH of my brothers thought that panty liners/sanitary towels were stuck directly onto the wearer’s flaps, not to their underwear. Apparently they thought the adhesive was to “seal it shut”. One of them is married.

6. Just...everything about this:

7. This extremely wrong take:

8. This very wrong information:

9. This gentleman who needs to be set straight: 

10. This exceptionally wrong take:

11. This confident assumption:

12. This guy who just didn't get it:

13. This confusing logic:

14. This incorrect mansplaining:

15. This extremely concerning logic:

16. This very confused gentleman:

17. This misunderstanding that's honestly kind of funny:

18. This incorrect assumption:

19. This incorrect information:

20. And finally...this: