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20 Times The Female Anatomy Was Lost On Men In 2020

"I didn't know about mascara. I just thought girls cried like ink squids."

1. This gentleman who is *not* a believer:

Menstrual pain is a myth! from badwomensanatomy

2. This guy who learned something "new."

What the hell from badwomensanatomy

3. The guy who mansplained women's breasts:

wOmEn CaNt bE sHiRtLeSs MiLk wOuLD lEaK from badwomensanatomy

4. And this guy who seemed to understand childbirth more than women do.

Women who say that giving birth is painful are scamming men from badwomensanatomy

5. This sister's shocking discovery:

Today I discovered BOTH of my brothers thought that panty liners/sanitary towels were stuck directly onto the wearer’s flaps, not to their underwear. Apparently they thought the adhesive was to “seal it shut”. One of them is married.

6. Just...everything about this:

I’ve been doing it wrong from badwomensanatomy

7. This extremely wrong take:

Female vs. Male Orgasms from badwomensanatomy

8. This very wrong information:

i don't know how people like this live with a woman long enough to have a child and still don't understand basic anatomy. sorry if the flair is wrong! from badwomensanatomy

9. This gentleman who needs to be set straight:

Sheesh 😒 I really really hope this is a joke from badwomensanatomy

10. This exceptionally wrong take:

I..... I don't think that's how that works from badwomensanatomy

11. This confident assumption:

He seems too sure of himself for me to believe he's trolling... from badwomensanatomy

12. This guy who just didn't get it:

He though it hurts to pee on your period? from badwomensanatomy

13. This confusing logic:

On a thread about the stupidest comments redditor's Significant Others made. from badwomensanatomy

14. This incorrect mansplaining:

I honestly don’t know what to say from badwomensanatomy

15. This extremely concerning logic:

i don't really know what to say from badwomensanatomy

16. This very confused gentleman:

What do you mean you can't push out your periods ? from badwomensanatomy

17. This misunderstanding that's honestly kind of funny:

Ink Squids from badwomensanatomy

18. This incorrect assumption:

I currently have a yeast infection so I let this guy know and apparently I got it from sleeping with “disgusting” people lmao from badwomensanatomy

19. This incorrect information:

your period pain is because you’re unhealthy from badwomensanatomy

20. And finally...this:

Pack it up ladies from badwomensanatomy


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