14 Pictures That Prove Our Avocado Obsession Must Be Stopped

    It's probably still delicious, though.

    1. Avocado PIE.

    2. Avocados as sandwich buns.

    3. Avocado in DONUTS.

    4. Avocado hot dogs???

    5. And on PIZZA???

    6. Avocado on mac and cheese.

    7. Avocado-stuffed onion rings.

    8. Avocado yogurt.

    9. Avocado as frosting?? On bread??

    10. AND CUPCAKES??

    11. Avocado popsicles.

    12. Avocado gelatin mold cake.

    13. Avocado yogurt blended beverage at Starbucks.

    14. And finally, avocado pudding.