16 Times The Internet Was A Pure, Sacred And Wholesome Place

    *Sheds some happy tears.*

    1. This very good whale:

    2. This kid who has it all figured out:

    my daughters version of trick or treating was asking every single person if they had a puppy she could pet and then sitting on each porch for five minutes petting their dogs and honestly it’s a good version


    me looking at my professor when i hear backpacks zipping 2 mins before class ends bc i want him to know i’m still listening & everyone else is rude

    4. This loving dog who is comforting his other dog pal post-surgery:

    Good boy had surgery and his brother never left his side. Dogs, bruh...💪🐶😍😇😉

    5. This two-year-old who accomplished his dreams:

    I just want everyone to know that my two-year old insisted on being “pants” for Halloween...

    6. These playful cats:

    Player 2 has entered the game. 📹: https://t.co/oOUdo8HrNM

    7. This cat who is not coping with the fact that he now has a new sibling:

    8. This girl who went after what she wanted:

    I hope this guy i met at the Eiffel Tower and asked for a pic of us kissing so i could pretend i had a romantic time in Paris is doing good.

    9. This jokester who had a little fun when accidentally placed in a group chat:

    so I was accidentally placed in a group chat with these ladies...and I’m sorry barb... LMAO

    10. Everything about this guy:

    11. This wholesome tweet:

    me: 😞 dog: i know what would make you feel better me: 😐 dog: *shoves a leaf in my lap* i catched it myself me: ☺️

    12. This tiny child having just the right amount of fun:

    13. These talented disco kitties:

    This is possibly my most important cat disco tweet so far. 🔊 📹: https://t.co/fHnNDc9kBx See also the wonderful work done by Serena Boleto at https://t.co/PGKOrxNuWO

    14. These extremely talented praying mantises:

    15. This rescue dog who had so, so much love to give:

    This good boy was abused and then abandoned. Now rescued - this is his first ride to his new home. Dogs, bruh...💪🐶😍😇😉

    16. And now that you've had a good little cry, watch this incredibly relatable employee at closing time: