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We Tried Popular Pinterest Beauty Hacks And Here's What Actually Works

*pats face with toilet seat cover*

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So, we decided to debunk some of the most popular Pinterest beauty hacks because it's our gd life mission. OK, maybe it's not that dramatic, but we just really want to know what works and what doesn't. Here's how it went down.

This ~free~ beauty hack says to use a toilet seat liner as a face-blotting sheet rather than purchasing a pack of oil sheets at the store, which typically run between $5 and $12. We're probably going to look super glam trying this out, so try not to be jealous.

Basically, this trick works in the same way you'd use an oil-blotting sheet from the store. We tore a small chunk from the seat liner and began dabbing our face.

The thin material of the toilet seat liner feels very similar to those oil blotting sheets you can buy. And strangely enough, it actually works just as well! It was able to pick up a lot of oil we had accumulated (ew lol) after a hot, humid walk outside.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Did we feel silly patting our face down with a toilet seat cover? Well, yeah. But would we do it again? Hell yeah! It's a great little trick if you're in and pinch and feelin' super oily.

Apparently, if you dump a crapload of loose powder on a mascara brush and put it on your lashes, they'll get thicker and longer. *prays this hack works*

After grabbing a free disposable wand from Sephora (WHERE WE BOUGHT A LOT OF OTHER THINGS TOO, CALM DOWN), we dipped it in a pile of loose powder like the instructions said.

Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed

It never said how much powder, but we definitely smothered that bad boy.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Here's the thing: If you have really, really short or thin lashes, this might be worth a shot, but to be totally honest, we didn't see that much of a difference — except that the lashes looked a little clumpier. There are other versions of this hack that may work, but either way, it takes 0.2 seconds to do, so if you have the products lying around, just freakin' try it, man. Or not. We don't own you.

If you're in a rush, this hack says you can draw a pound sign (aka hashtag) on the corner of your eye with eyeliner. Then you blend to create a quick smokey eye. Judging by the picture, this might be a hot mess.

This definitely wasn't as quick as we thought. Also, it was tough as hell to blend this eyeliner. We were alternating between blending with the brush and our fingers at one point, and there was STILL residue of the "#" left over.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Don't be fooled: This is not a time-saving hack. Obviously it's WAY easier to blend loose eyeshadow to create a smokey eye, but this does work. Does it look super gorgeous? Not really. But if you're in a pinch and all you have is eyeliner, then it'll definitely come in handy.

Since Beautyblenders don't run cheap (they're about $20 a pop), you can apparently use a microfiber sock (which are about $5) to get the same incredible foundation-blending results.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

It's hard to see in a photo, but the sock left parts of our face totally unblended (like that spot above our right eyebrow). It's not perfect and definitely doesn't compare to using a Beautyblender or your fingers, but if you're looking for a cheaper alternative and have some serious patience, you miiight be able to make it work.

This hack says you'll be able to apply eyeliner and curl your eyelashes at the same time. TBH, we're really hoping this works. Some mornings (we see you, Monday) we're so lazy when it comes to putting on makeup, so knocking two things out with one hack sounds pretty good to us.

Then you use the curling wand like you normally would to curl 'n' line at the same time. But as you can clearly see, it definitely didn't work as well as we thought.

According to the internet, you can erase all signs of under-eye circles with red lipstick, concealer, and some serious blending skills. LET'S DO THIS.

Then, after choosing a lipstick that correlates with your skin tone, use a blending brush to apply it just under the eyes.

Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed

FYI: Fair skin should use a lipstick with red/pink undertones, medium skin should use a purplish red, and dark skin should use a coral red.

Then you're supposed to take concealer and cover up the red area and blend until your skin disintegrates.

Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed

OK, that last part isn't true, but IT DID NOT WANT TO BLEND.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

In case it wasn't already apparent: DON'T. DO. THIS. if you have fair skin. We wasted shitloads of concealer and spent wayyyy too long cleaning all the lipstick out of our Beautyblender, but if you have a darker skin tone, it's totally worth a shot. Also, if you use way less lipstick than we did and build slowly, it might work out better.

Apparently, mixing lemon juice with vinegar will remove nail polish. It sounded so weird that we had to try it.

The directions say to mix lemon juice and vinegar together, then soak it up with a cotton ball. The mixture on the cotton ball should be able to remove your polish.

After rubbing for about thirty seconds, nothing was coming off. We figured the acidity would make the color slide off fairly easily, buuuuuuut that wasn't the case.

We even soaked our thumb nail in the mixture for 30 seconds, then tried again. The result? Nada. Not even a little bit came off. This hack is some real BS.

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