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17 Photos That’ll Make Every Pet Parent Say “Same"

"I can't go out tonight, I already have plans with my dog."

1. You're well-aware that this shirt perfectly and accurately embodies you as a person:

2. You react to your friends' texts with pictures of your beloved:

3. You've cultivated an A+ response to the kids question:

numnutz669 / Via

4. This is not an out of the ordinary experience for you:

5. You go above and beyond to celebrate milestones with your furchild:

6. You know *exactly* what your future looks like:

karaleewallat / Via

7. And you're all too familiar with this struggle:

8. You bring little reminders of them while you're on vacation:

jazzy_reyroj / Via

9. And for you, this is a very universal experience:

barkpost / Via

10. You've actually stopped caring about what other people think because your pet IS YOUR CHILD:

kp_industries / Via

11. You don't mind when they become snuggly space invaders when you're trying to work:

kateannmarlow / Via

12. And you relate to this on so many levels:

sweetandsasse39 / Via

13. This is you 100% of the time:

14. You've lovingly forced them to share your same interests:

laurababe888 / Via

15. FaceTiming with them is a totally normal thing for you:

16. You always put their comfort first:

17. And finally, you have no problem telling everyone that your furbaby fills your spiritual and emotional needs:

barkpost / Via

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