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    20 Small Acts Of Kindness During The Coronavirus Quarantine That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

    People can be good.

    1. These kind children who provided a small concert for their neighbor during quarantine:

    My elderly neighbor is self-isolating. So the neighbor kids are playing her a cello concert from her patio.

    2. Bob Shellard, who went above and beyond to show his wife how much he cares for her:

    Due to coronavirus precaution, Bob Shellard isn't allowed to visit his wife in her Connecticut nursing home. So he stood outside her window and held up a sign that said "I've loved you 67 years and still do. Happy Anniversary."

    3. This very nice neighbor who is willing to do whatever they can to help:

    I just received this through the door from someone on my street. This restores some faith in humanity. #ViralKindness is a hashtag I can get behind. 😊

    4. This fitness instructor who got an entire apartment complex to join their workout:

    In Seville, Spain they are not accepting #quarantine as an excuse for not working out. This fitness instructor hosts a workout from a rooftop —and people join his class from their balconies. More of humanity’s awesomeness

    5. This thoughtful donation that the Staples Center made after the cancellation of arena events:

    This afternoon STAPLES Center donated 7,000 pounds of food that would have been wasted due to the recent suspension of events at the arena. Donations were made to both The Midnight Mission and Los Angeles Mission Men’s Center both located in downtown Los Angeles.

    6. These amazing neighbors that helped celebrate this woman's birthday during quarantine:

    This is how a lebanese woman is celebrating her birthday with her neighbors in #Quarantine ❤️

    7. These people who didn't forgo their catering plans and used the food to help out:

    Friends canceled their son’s Bar Mitzvah this weekend but decided to keep the contract with their caterer, a tiny Hmong-owned business. They delivered the food to friends in quarantine & sent pans home with others. Grateful for stories like this and for community in a bleak time.

    8. The empathetic people who are donating food and goods to a food bank in a time when so many are hoarding:

    Faith in humanity restored 🥰#coronavirus

    9. This thoughtful neighbor:

    From a neighbor. My faith in humanity is restored. #stophoardingTP

    10. And this neighbor who wants to help out those in need:

    Somebody posted this on Nextdoor today. My faith in humanity is restored. #coronavirus

    11. This extremely thoughtful school librarian:

    Today I decided, with the possibility of an extended break, that we would drastically expand the number of books that’s students could check out. We had the entire school through the library by 12:45. The shelves are a mess but these kids have some great books going home.

    12. This grocery store that has the right idea:

    Iceland Foods at Kennedy Centre, West Belfast will be opening their store between 8-9am for the elderly starting this Tuesday. The wider public are asked to respect this hour as it has been allocated for elderly people only. Would be great to see other stores now do the same 👏

    13. This woman who gave her time to help another woman:

    Afraid to get sick as they are in their 80’s and hear that the novel coronavirus is affecting older people disproportionately. And that they don’t have family around to help them out. Through the crack in the window she handed me a $100 bill and a grocery list, and asked if I

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    14. The neighbor who brought over vitamins:

    My neighbor bought vitamins for those who don’t have♥️

    15. And the neighbor who formed a support group:

    In these uncertain times with shelves emptying in supermarkets.. Faith in humanity restored! This just received from neighbours doing the rounds of the estate. Fantastic initiative. #COVID19ireland #communitySpirit @HSELive @paulreiddublin @declanvarley @PhelanVicky @Antcon7062

    16. These neighbors who want to lend a helping hand:

    this came through the letterbox,, faith in humanity restored 🥺

    17. This grocery store that is still fully stocked because people are only taking what they need:

    18. This very considerate neighbor:

    A neighbor I’ve never met (but will) taped this to every door on my block. It’s our community & humanity that will get us through #StayTheFHome #canceltrump

    19. This generous neighbor who is offering up their time to help:

    A small act of kindness seen in my building💖 “Hello. We are the neighbors of 2nd 1. If any neighbor with risk factors to the contagion needs to buy food, medicine or another thing, we offer to go. You can call our intercom”

    20. And finally, this neighbor who brought over much needed supplies:

    Five min ago our neighbor knocked on our door and gave us a bag and it was full of essential hygiene materials because there's lack in stores He's giving this to all of our neighbours too. He restored my believe in humanity in a whole new level🌸 #COVIDー19 #coronavirus #Libya