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    20 People Who Got Female Anatomy Extremely And Profoundly Wrong In 2019

    "You know a woman needs to orgasm in order to have babies, right?"

    1. The person who believes girls have "ostrogene":

    burgers_butt / Via

    2. The person who fully believes foreplay isn't important:

    INKY_19 / Via

    3. The person whose lack of knowledge came out through this sext:

    highlycaffinatedveg / Via

    4. The person who believes labias shape-shift like a fuckin' Anamorph:

    TeaHC16 / Via

    5. The person who was just really confused:

    TyrionCauthom / Via

    6. The person who doesn't believe "vulva" is a real word:

    sweftcouncil / Via

    7. The person who doesn't understand periods:

    [deleted] / Via

    8. The person who has a very wrong theory:

    [deleted] / Via

    9. The person who wanted to understand mouth horniness:

    mydadinventedgoogle / Via

    10. The person who thought middle schoolers don't need tampons:

    fluffywhitething / Via

    11. The person who explained how to skip periods:

    saintscoutt / Via

    12. The person who thought sonograms put your full vag on display:

    amoutoujou / Via

    13. The person who just doesn't get it:

    hedgehogworld / Via

    14. The person who confused women and werewolves:

    givemetrills / Via

    15. The person who knows nothing about yeast infections:

    perpetualfatigue / Via

    16. The person whose perfect woman is actually a mannequin:

    versalina / Via

    17. The person who thought they creatively solved a problem:

    Kore624 / Via

    18. The person who thought men and women use different products for a reason:

    Reddituser55119 / Via

    19. The person who thought pads were like double-sided tape:

    20. And finally, the person who believes orgasms equals babies:

    xduddleyx / Via

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