18 People Who Really Gave It Their All

    Food is hard.

    1. This person, who honestly created a nightmare:

    2. And this person whose creativity took a turn for the worst:

    3. This person who really tried:

    4. And this person who turned cute into horror:

    5. This person who just couldn't succeed:

    6. And this person who was trying to be healthy:

    7. This person who made a good effort:

    8. This person, who had a bit of a minion mishap:

    9. And the person who had a bit of a deviled egg disaster:

    10. This person who put in a solid effort:

    11. And this person who cannot come back from their mistake:

    12. This person whose creation turned out a bit different:

    13. And this person who gave these a good shot:

    14. This person who invented a whole new dessert:

    15. And this person who couldn't quite get it right:

    16. This person who gave it their all:

    17. And this person who probably threw in the towel:

    18. And finally...this person who probably did not expect this end result: