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    Here's How The Whole "Wear A Face Mask" Thing Is Going In Southern California — AKA Terribly

    I hate to break it to you, but COVID-19 hasn't magically gone away.

    Consider this your friendly Tuesday reminder that COVID-19 — the disease caused by the novel coronavirus — has not magically gone away. In fact, there still are cases being diagnosed daily despite certain businesses reopening!

    So it's a little weird that people in Southern California think this means they're somehow invincible, therefore they don't have to wear face protection!

    Some beaches are opening for recreational use, and people have decided not to social distance anymore and also forgo wearing face masks???

    petition to separate huntington beach from the rest of California

    People are just out here doing whatever they want.


    bruh my nephew a whole new level of dumbass,,, why is he at newport beach i hate americans 😭✋🏻

    Not following rules!

    I surfed in PB last night. When I paddled back in there were hundreds of people just standing along the shore not wearing masks taking photos of the bioluminescence. Had to walk on the street to avoid sidewalk foot traffic

    Which means we're most likely going to have to go into lockdown for longer.


    Hermosa Beach Saturday night. It begins again. People lining up to sneak onto beach. Cat & mouse with understaffed police. Crowds keep escalating each night. Crazy traffic. HB parking enforcement MIA. Blue waves are pretty much gone. ⁦@HermosaBchCity⁩

    So, you know, in case you need to hear this: WE'RE STILL NOT ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS YET. So wear your mask in public!


    This post has been updated to more accurately reflect the situation in Southern California. A previous version included an image from another location.

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