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    Updated on Mar 27, 2019. Posted on Mar 24, 2019

    Only 26-33 Year Olds Will Remember How Wild The Internet Was In 2005

    Creepin' on your crush's away message all day, every day.

    1. First of all, you fondly remember what it looked like when you were using your loud-ass dial-up to connect to the internet.

    ChooseanUniqueName / Via

    2. And you'd immediately log into AIM to see if your crush was online — and wait for that iconic door creaking sound if they weren't.

    blclassics / Via

    3. But if you didn't have AIM, you definitely logged into MSN Messenger to chat it up with your BFFs.

    trwwy321 / Via

    4. You spent way too much time picking out a buddy icon only to change it up every couple of days.

    krobinson_3232 / Via

    5. And you were constantly coming up with VERY DEEP AND IMPACTFUL away messages that showed your true feelings to the internet world.

    6. And if you found a line in a song that spoke to your heart, you BET it was going in your away message or profile.

    7. And sometimes when none of your friends were on to chat, you would resort to talking with SmarterChild — who was basically the original Alexa.

    agiantkenyan / Via

    8. You absolutely remember the ~original~ emojis and used them excessively when chatting with your friends.

    9. You'd multitask by downloading music illegally from LimeWire, Kazaa, or Napster — and probably gave your computer a virus more than once.

    Bjcistok / Via

    10. You 100% signed up for Myspace after hearing about it from all your friends at school.

    DevinMillar / Via

    11. And you got a thrill of excitement every time you saw a boat load of notifications.

    kasriina / Via

    12. You also spent way too much time selecting a profile page song that was in tune with your feelings.

    la_luke / Via

    13. And you browsed through many customized Myspace layout websites so you could proudly display one that matched your personality.

    14. You left daily comments on all your friends' profile pages.

    15. You remember when free internet existed on CDs that were displayed in movie theaters and music stores.

    senpai_hates_me / Via

    16. And you had at least ONE friend send you that infamous "The End of the World" video on YouTube.

    AlbinoBlackSheep /

    17. You also killed time by visiting Homestar Runner multiple times a day.

    ReSpekMyAuthoriitaaa / Via

    18. And you'd also sometimes play online checkers with people you didn't know.

    trollmad3 / Via

    19. And finally, when you had a BURNING question, your good friend Jeeves was always around to answer.

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