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    Here Are Some Long-Forgotten Things From Your Childhood That Will Conjure Up Some Comfort

    Let me take you back to a comforting time.

    1. Remember back in the good ol' days when you had plushie toys that got dirty really easily but you had not a care in the world whenever you hugged it:

    Nylon pink elephant plushie from the '90s

    2. And you spent hours escaping into the fantastic Highlights magazine and reading all about Goofus and Gallant:

    Highlights for Children magazine from 1987

    3. Back in your younger years, your biggest challenge was probably attempting to draw the "Cool S" properly:

    The "Cool S"

    4. And you never felt an elation quite like getting to the next level on one of those Nintendo LCD games:

    Orange Nintendo Donkey Kong handheld controller

    5. When you were bored in the car, you'd fiddle with those old-school cigarette trays in the back seat and daydream about your favorite '90s celebrity:

    Backseat with a cigarette lighter opened

    6. And when you were in school, you used those colorful pencil grips to help prevent callouses on your finger when doing homework:

    Plush pencil grips in rainbow colors

    7. There was never quite a time like Stick Stickly's television career:

    Stick Stickly commercial from 1997

    8. And your heart would start racing whenever you got the inspiration to craft a new Buddy Profile on AIM, secretly hoping your crush would see it:

    AIM buddy profile

    9. You were always thrilled when the newest Mary-Kate and Ashley chapter book came out:

    The New Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley novels

    10. And you used those colorful stacking point pencils instead of ~normal pencils~ because they looked MUCH cooler (even if they were a bit impractical):

    Stackable lead pencils in a variety of colors

    11. You entered a peaceful, worry-free state of mind whenever you got to play your favorite Windows game, like Barbie Magic Hair Styler:

    Barbie Magic Hair Styler CD Rom

    12. And you begged your parents for a Crazy Daisy to beat the summer heat because the kids on the commercial looked like they were having the time of their lives:

    13. Let's not forget how you used to end a long day of playing outside with a frozen Fla-Vor-Ice:

    Ice popsicles in a variety of colors

    14. Your only childhood goal back then was to complete the US quarters collector's map:

    Quarters of the United States Collector's map

    15. And finally, you never felt more carefree than whenever you had just eaten a whole bunch of chicken McNuggets and were playing in the plastic-smelling Play Place at McDonald's:

    Colorful McDonald's Play Place