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I Just Learned That The Rest Of The World Does Not Refrigerate Their Eggs And A Woman On TikTok Explained Why

EGG-cuse me????

If you've ever gone to any grocery store in America, you might recall that this is where you find eggs.

And I know I might be behind, but I was today years old when I realized that non-Americans don't refrigerate their eggs?

things i should be doing since i have free time for the next 2 hours: researching for the research paper due in less than a week what i am doing: lying in bed watching youtube videos on why american refrigerate eggs

Like, other countries think it's ~very American~ to pop those suckers in the fridge.

I think it’s actually very American to refrigerate eggs.

Like this person, I too was shooketh.

just saw a tweet questioning why americans refrigerate their eggs and im kinda shooketh. does this mean that not everyone does this???? my life is a lie

Anyway, my TikToking habits proved to be educational because I stumbled upon TikTok user @maurensparrow's viral video that breaks down the reason why America does this.

In the simplest terms, the United States does this because of salmonella. According to Mauren's video, in order to prevent salmonella from getting to the consumer, the Department of Agriculture requires eggs to first be sanitized.

Does this mean America is the only country that sanitizes eggs? No! She goes on to explain that other countries have other methods that prevent salmonella (like vaccinating chickens) so they leave that natural protective coating on them, which means they don't need to be stored in a fridge.

However, once an egg — any egg! — has been refrigerated, it must remain refrigerated in order to prevent the spread of bacteria through its porous shell.

And that, my friends, is why you see eggs sittin' pretty on non-refrigerated shelves in every other part of the world.