Someone On TikTok Shared A New Avocado Hack For Keeping Them Fresh For Longer And It's Genius

    I'm 100% gonna try this.

    The other day, I went to the grocery store and bought two HUGE avocados but immediately felt pressure to use them both before they went bad, so I did. Then — as if the TikTok algorithm gods overheard — I came across a pretty genius video about how to store your avocados for optimal freshness.

    The hack comes from TikTok user @marg13d, who calls it "Marg's Dinosaur Egg Avocado Hack." It works by slicing the very top of the avocado and not the entire length of it:

    Then you take a spoonful (or however much avocado you need) from the top and place the rest of it in a sealed container.

    Since the avocado is protected by the skin around it, it's not completely exposed and therefore stays green!

    Even after a week, you can see it's a tiny bit brown, but it's still mostly fresh and green. I've never seen an avocado hold up for a WHOLE DANG WEEK after being cut open.

    And there you have it! One avocado for a week's worth of avocado toast that will look like this. WE ARE BLESSED.