40 Times Men Drastically Failed To Understand Women

    "Y'all don't shower with your pads on?"

    1. The person who had an interesting outlook: 

    2. This person who just didn't get it:

    3. The person who was anti–free the nipple:

    4. The person who was very sure of themself: 

    5. The person who was a true nonbeliever:

    6. This person's hilarious misunderstanding: 

    7. The person — I'm sorry, "medical doctor" — who was very incorrect: 

    8. The person who thought they needed to offer this explanation: 

    9. The person who was confused by how pads work:

    10. The person who needs a lesson in periods: 

    11. The person who had a lot of...thoughts:

    12. This person who really needs another Health 101 class:

    13. The person who was extremely misguided: 

    14. The person who had this very wrong opinion:

    15. The person who thought they understood periods: 

    16. This person's train of thought:

    17. This person who just didn't get it:

    18. This person who was SO certain: 

    19. This person's extremely concerning thought process:

    20. The person who believed this nonsense: 

    21. The person who didn't quite understand how DNA works: 

    22. This person who learned something "new."

    23. The person who mansplained breasts: