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    40 Times Men Drastically Failed To Understand Women

    "Y'all don't shower with your pads on?"

    1. The person who had an interesting outlook:

    i’m not sure if this has been posted before, but i found this on r/insanepeoplefacebook from badwomensanatomy

    2. This person who just didn't get it:

    I..... I don't think that's how that works from badwomensanatomy

    3. The person who was anti–free the nipple:

    wOmEn CaNt bE sHiRtLeSs MiLk wOuLD lEaK from badwomensanatomy

    4. The person who was very sure of themself:

    Mansplaining Vulvas from badwomensanatomy

    5. The person who was a true nonbeliever:

    Menstrual pain is a myth! from badwomensanatomy

    6. This person's hilarious misunderstanding:

    Ink Squids from badwomensanatomy

    7. The person — I'm sorry, "medical doctor" — who was very incorrect:

    Ah yes, because a medical doctor totally calls their patients “sluts who could nearly trip over their sagging pussy lip”.... from badwomensanatomy

    8. The person who thought they needed to offer this explanation:

    I just.... I just can't. from badwomensanatomy

    9. The person who was confused by how pads work:

    Can you imagine? from badwomensanatomy

    10. The person who needs a lesson in periods:

    ....uh no from badwomensanatomy

    11. The person who had a lot of...thoughts:

    Kyle, Kyle, Kyle from badwomensanatomy

    12. This person who really needs another Health 101 class:

    I currently have a yeast infection so I let this guy know and apparently I got it from sleeping with “disgusting” people lmao from badwomensanatomy

    13. The person who was extremely misguided:

    I’ve never crossed my legs so fast in my life from badwomensanatomy

    14. The person who had this very wrong opinion:

    Now I'm no expert, but Im pretty sure this ain't how you girls work from badwomensanatomy

    15. The person who thought they understood periods:

    I mean I wish? from badwomensanatomy

    16. This person's train of thought:

    I’ve been doing it wrong from badwomensanatomy

    17. This person who just didn't get it:

    He though it hurts to pee on your period? from badwomensanatomy

    18. This person who was SO certain:

    What do you mean you can't push out your periods ? from badwomensanatomy

    19. This person's extremely concerning thought process:

    i don't really know what to say from badwomensanatomy

    20. The person who believed this nonsense:

    Also bad mens anatomy from badwomensanatomy

    21. The person who didn't quite understand how DNA works:

    Jeez, I hate when man DNA gets into my brain from badwomensanatomy

    22. This person who learned something "new."

    What the hell from badwomensanatomy

    23. The person who mansplained breasts:

    wOmEn CaNt bE sHiRtLeSs MiLk wOuLD lEaK from badwomensanatomy

    24. The person who seemed to understand childbirth more than women do:

    Women who say that giving birth is painful are scamming men from badwomensanatomy

    25. This sister's shocking discovery:

    Today I discovered BOTH of my brothers thought that panty liners/sanitary towels were stuck directly onto the wearer’s flaps, not to their underwear. Apparently they thought the adhesive was to “seal it shut”. One of them is married.

    26. This person's extremely wrong take:

    Female vs. Male Orgasms from badwomensanatomy

    27. This person who had no doubts about what they said:

    He seems too sure of himself for me to believe he's trolling... from badwomensanatomy

    28. This person's confusing logic:

    On a thread about the stupidest comments redditor's Significant Others made. from badwomensanatomy

    29. This person who thought incorrectly:

    Pack it up ladies from badwomensanatomy

    30. This person who has no clue:

    your period pain is because you’re unhealthy from badwomensanatomy

    31. This person who had a wild answer:

    i don't know how people like this live with a woman long enough to have a child and still don't understand basic anatomy. sorry if the flair is wrong! from badwomensanatomy

    32. This person who thought peeing on your period was painful:

    He though it hurts to pee on your period? from badwomensanatomy

    33. This person who needed to pay attention in anatomy:

    A truly amazing conversation from NotHowGirlsWork

    34. This person's unhelpful explanation:

    Failure to make her orgasm, the ultimate contraception from NotHowGirlsWork

    35. This person who wasn't technically wrong:

    Hmmm from NotHowGirlsWork

    36. This person who made a bold assumption:

    How can he get that idea from this description? from NotHowGirlsWork

    37. This person's wild theory:

    The Clitoris is a myth perpetrated by women (Xpost /r/NiceGuys) from badwomensanatomy

    38. This person who thought they understood it all:

    Working hard, day in, day out.. from NotHowGirlsWork

    39. This person's misunderstanding:

    The question he was answering was “what are some perks of small boobs?” 🤦🏻‍♀️ from badwomensanatomy

    40. And finally, this person who was surprised for whatever reason:

    H/T: r/badwomensanatomy

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