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15 Crimes Against Makeup That Were Committed In 2004

So much pink. So much frosty shine.

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1. You definitely owned at least one Jane eyeshadow, and it was probably a pastel color.

2. You rocked the shit out of baby pink lips and ~shimmery~ pink blush.

Scott Gries / Getty Images
Matthew Peyton / Getty Images

3. You were told you could never wear enough pink, SO YOU DID WITH PRIDE.


4. You fondly remember wanting to own EVERYTHING from Jessica Simpson's Dessert Treats line because it smelled so damn good.

5. You perfected a glossy look with your Juicy Tubes even though it made your lips feel like they were coated in molasses.

jaszczur2656 / Via

6. You began dabbling around in *BOLD* eyeshadow colors because you absolutely had to copy Avril and Ashlee's punk look.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

7. You owned at least one Smackers lip gloss that made your lips shiny AF and taste like a dream.

2004 was a time to shine.

2004 was a time to shine.

8. And you definitely played around with a ~frosted~ look like you were a goddamn snow queen.

Evan Agostini / Getty Images
Bruno Vincent / Getty Images

9. Seriously, you could not have enough shimmer on your face.

fraischicfemme / Via

10. You also toyed around with bold lips and super-thin eyebrows.

Bruno Vincent / Getty Images
Evan Agostini / Getty Images

11. You wouldn't dare rock a natural look when SO MUCH MAGENTA was begging to be put on your face.


12. This iconic pink-and-green tube was the ONLY mascara you dared to place on your lashes.

the*cosmetic*princess / Via

13. And you loved reapplying your Sour Smackers because it was basically candy and not lip gloss.

14. You never went anywhere without applying a shit ton of bronzer because you were a BRONZED GODDESS.
Peter Kramer / Getty Images

15. And finally, you remember glamming up with all the pink lipstick and bronzers you wanted from Mary-Kate and Ashley's ~amazing~ makeup collection.

Thanks for all the pink shimmery memories, 2004.

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