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    21 Heartwarming Dogs That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Day Better

    We do not deserve them.

    1. This man's dog, who is very glad she said yes.

    2. This dog who is comfortable and happy in their owner's desk drawer.

    3. This dog who woke up believing it would be a good day.

    4. This tiny pup who can't wait to meet their tiny human sibling.

    5. This dog who willingly provided comfort to his human's mother in the hospital.

    6. This dog who is deaf, but who is at his happiest when his owner signs "good boy."

    7. This dog who is VERY EXCITED Santa didn't forget to visit him on Christmas.

    8. This dog who appointed blame to the true mess-maker.

    9. This dog who is ecstatic to see his human come home from work.

    10. This dog who has nothing but smiles for you.

    11. These precious souls who had no trouble moving in together.

    12. These cuddle beasts who are more than happy to share a spot in the sun.

    13. These new neighbors who just want to say hello.

    14. This precious pup who is making his selfie debut.

    15. This dog's beautiful grin.

    16. This dog who is looking on the bright side.

    17. This dog who is just really, REALLY excited about snow.

    18. This dog who is happy with a simple pet.

    19. This dog who can't contain his excitement.

    20. This dog who is grateful for sunshine.

    21. And finally, this dog, who is exceptionally happy to be sleeping on the bed.

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