This Is What Would Happen If "Pride And Prejudice" Were Set Today

    The internet *does* change things.

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a Tinder account must be in want of a good time.

    After several unsuccessful Tinder fails, Liz Bennet succumbed to the obnoxious Facebook event request her mother had shared with her.

    Charles Bingley was a former child star living in The Hills and due to his quality work on Real Housechildren of Beverly Hills, he was LOADED.

    Liz texted her older sister Jane to come with her to this extravagant rooftop event because “free booze WHY NOT.”

    At the party, Jane totally ditched Liz the second Bingley showed interest in her, leaving Liz to mingle with his BFF Darcy.

    As Liz attempted to have a converation with Darcy, she noticed he totally kept checking out other prospects.

    After that, Liz thought Darcy was a total jerkhole and spent the rest of the night doing the Nae Nae.

    After the party, Jane’s car refused to start. Jane planned on calling an Uber, but Bingley told them to just stay the night.

    Jane was like “later” and went upstairs to hang with Bingley, so Liz was stuck with Darcy. She decided to totally call him out on his clear disinterest in her.

    Of course, after that, he became interested in her sassy, unabashed spirit.

    The next morning, Jane and Liz headed home. Upon arrival, they were greeted by Collins — a wealthy family friend — who thought Liz was funny on Twitter and wanted to take her out on a date.

    Once Collins left, Liz texted her BFF Charlotte and explained what went down.

    A week later, Liz’s sister, Lydia, told her to check Charlotte's recent Facebook update.

    Charlotte told Liz that Collins wasn't actually that bad.

    Meanwhile, Jane and Bingley had gone on multiple dates. It was all going well until he just up and GHOSTED ON HER.

    To forget about Darcy and his stupid friend Bingley, Liz went on Tinder and decided to meet up with a guy named Wickham.

    While doing some Facebook stalking, Liz discovered that she and Wickham shared a mutual friend: Darcy.

    On their date, Wickham told Liz that Darcy used to be his BFF until he refused to fork over the money he'd promised him, which made Liz think Darcy was an even bigger asshole.

    Jane was still down in the dumps about Bingley's ghosting, so Liz took Jane and Lydia to a wine bar for a girls' night, where she ended up running into Darcy.

    After a few drinks, Liz had the courage to tell him off. She explained that Bingley was a dick for disappearing on her sister like that.

    But Darcy was pissed because he thought Jane was only after his friend’s fame and fortune. He also told Liz that Wickham had gambled away the money he gave him in Vegas.

    After some careful Facebook lurking, Liz discovered that Darcy was actually telling the truth about Wickham. She deleted Wickham's number, then realized her feelings toward Darcy were changing.

    Two weeks later, Liz saw an Instagram post from Lydia. She'd flown to Vegas over the weekend to party with Wickham — despite Liz warning her that Wickham wasn't a good guy.

    She told Jane what had happened, but Jane informed her that Darcy was on his way to stop things before they ended up in a Vegas chapel.

    Lydia flew home and confessed that Darcy had stopped a potentially horrible mistake, and that Darcy wasn't as bad as they might have thought.

    A week later, Bingley got back in touch with Jane. He apologized and asked her on another date, where he confessed his love for her.

    Liz was happy for her sister, but a part of her was sorry for misjudging Darcy’s character. But when she checked her email that night, she recognized a name in her inbox.

    Darcy had written her a long email explaining his character and his pure intentions, ending in a confession of his strong feelings for her.

    Liz got on Facebook to see if Darcy was on chat, but instead she discovered that he'd checked into The Observatory. On a whim, Liz drove there, pushing through crowds of people until she found him.

    Liz confessed her feelings for Darcy, and they shared a kiss amongst the stars…

    ...and five years later, Darcy proposed. The ring picture became Liz's most-liked Instagram post.