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    I Tried The Spray Tan That A-List Celebrities Use And It Was DRAMATIC

    Could I get a natural glow with a fake tan without looking orange???

    Hi guys, I'm Farrah! I'm pretty pale and have sensitive skin. I've never had a spray tan in my entire life for fear of turning orange, and honestly I am not about to rock the same look as the current leader of our country.

    Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed

    I recently heard about Vita Liberata spray tans, which is the first completely non-toxic, no chemical tanning spray. I was impressed to learn that Bella and Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Lily Aldridge, Sofia Vergara, and Lea Michele use this particular brand to achieve beautiful bronze tans. AND THEY DON'T EVER LOOK ORANGE.

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images, Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    I also read that Vita Liberata has self-tanning products and bronzing makeup, which Lucy Hale, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, and Emma Watson use.

    Basically, I was READY to be turned into a celebrity. Bring me on a red carpet, baby.

    Lara Parker / BuzzFeed

    The spray tan felt like a light, CHILLY mist on my skin. When she was spraying my face, I started becoming concerned about breaking out as the week went on. EVERYTHING BREAKS MY SKIN OUT. But alas, the deed was done. And it didn't take long at all! She probably took two to three minutes to spray my front evenly, and then another two to three minutes to spray my back. Then she made sure to wipe the tan off my palms and fingers.

    ALRIGHT, let's jump to the before and after. IT WAS DRAMATIC.

    Lara Parker / BuzzFeed

    If you're like me and know nothing about spray tans, you see the biggest difference right after a spray tan — but it didn't SHOCK me. I was honestly just relieved that the color looked natural. My co-worker Lara was with me and commented that it looked like I was super toned, which was a bonus. It DID dry fast and didn't get everywhere, but I made the mistake of sitting cross-legged on my couch when I got home and noticed a little had come off my legs. MY BAD.

    Here's the difference in my back. I truly felt like a glowy goddess.

    Lara Parker / BuzzFeed

    There were a few rules she sent me home with that evening: No working out (aka no sweating) and NO showering/bathing. I was supposed to sleep with the tan on, and when I woke up I was surprised to see that my bed wasn't a brown mess. There were a few tiny spots, but it wasn't bad. I did shower first thing in the morning, but I was told I could only wash with soap under my arms and on my ladybits in order to preserve the spray tan. A lot of the excess came off in the shower with just the water running on me, which is normal.

    Day one:

    Lara Parker / BuzzFeed

    Here's me and my spray tan outside of work the day after, and I felt like a BRONZED BEAUTY, BABY!!!! A lot of my co-workers commented that it looked like I'd just come back from vacation. HAHAHA, NOPE! You, too, can get the post-vacation glow by not actually leaving your house.

    This is also day one, but I had my co-worker take my photo in direct sunlight so you could see what it looked like. Also, I couldn't open my eyes into the direct sunlight. DON'T JUDGE.

    Lara Parker / BuzzFeed

    Also, for those wondering, there wasn't any type of HEAVY funky chemical smell when I slept with the tan on the night before. I would say it was nearly odorless. There was a faint scent of something when I woke up, but I didn't smell like a melted battery mixed with paint fumes.

    Day two:

    Here's a full body shot from day two. It feels stupid to type this, but I felt way more confident than I usually do rockin' this tan. My skin felt smooth, soft, and looked incredibly, INCREDIBLY even.

    Lara Parker / BuzzFeed

    Day three:

    Lara Parker / BuzzFeed

    I showered the morning of day three using a little bit of soap, but without a washcloth like I normally would. In direct sunlight, I was impressed that the tan had lasted until day three looking so bronzy and gorgeous.

    Day four:

    Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed

    By day four, I could tell it was fading a little bit. I'd showered that morning, but I saw I didn't have that same post vacation glow as day two. It still looked pretty good, though. And, shockingly, this tan didn't make me break out at ALL. NOT ONCE! Which is a real success in my book.

    Day nine:

    Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed

    I jumped ahead a few days so you could see what it looks like when the tan is basically gone. There's still a bit of color on my arms and legs, but my face doesn't have a trace of tan — probably because I wash it twice a day and only shower once a day. Overall, I was surprised by JUST how long it did last!

    Here's what I learned from my first spray tan experience:

    * High quality, organic, non-toxic spray tans like Vita Liberata are best for people who have sensitive skin.

    * My skin also didn't feel dry or crack weirdly with this tan.

    * I wish this lasted an entire month, but I'll take a week.

    * Even though it doesn't last super long, I get why this would be appealing to wear on the red carpet. Or, if you're a normal person like me, to any kind of special occasion.

    * It is possible to achieve a fake tan without looking orange.

    BuzzFeed was provided a Vita Liberata tan free of charge.