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I Used Only Lush Skin Care Products For A Month And Here’s What Happened

I went from using two products to using EIGHT every day.

Hi everyone! I'm Farrah, and it feels like I've struggled with my skin my ENTIRE life. But now that I'm 28, I want to try a grown-ass skin care routine that will keep my complexion youthful and clear into my thirties. So I tried a complete Lush skin care regimen for 40 days to see how it worked.

I've never had "perfect" skin. I was SO INSECURE about my constantly broken-out/oily complexion in high school that I was always wearing heavy makeup to try to hide it. Hormonal acne, acne scars, oiliness, dry patches, extreme skin sensitivity, dark marks, under-eye circles — you name it, I've tried to tackle it.

I currently use three over-the-counter drugstore products on my skin, which work fine, but I'm looking for more of an advanced routine that will tackle my imperfections and provide the gorgeous skin of my dreams.

There are a few areas I want to try to tackle: my oily skin, redness, and discoloration. Also, I DO NOT WANT TO BREAK OUT. I FEAR IT. The reason why I've stuck with a simple routine for so long is *because* it doesn't cause me to break out.

I chose Lush for a few different reasons. It's affordable and environmentally friendly, it creates ongoing ethical campaigns, doesn't test on animals, and makes its products with fresh ingredients. So I set up a consultation with someone who could provide me with a customized skin care routine for my skin type!

Here's what I walked away with:

To start, I traded out my coconut oil makeup remover for the 9 to 5 cleansing lotion.

I typically wear eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara and found coconut oil can easily remove all of the above without any raccoon-eye residue.

Buuuuut I found that after using the 9 to 5 cleansing lotion as directed (wash your face with it and use some on cotton pads to wipe away excess makeup), this didn't get everything completely off.

You can see a difference in the cotton pad:

So I tried a different method the next day! This time, I took 9 to 5 in the shower with me and really scrubbed around my eyes with it. Then I took my wet wash cloth and removed any leftover residue. Voila! This worked WAY better.

The skin cleanser I used most mornings was Fresh Farmacy. This was the solid facial bar designed for both sensitive and troubled skin (AKA MINE). It's supposed to help soothe dry patches and contains tea tree to keep skin clear. AND!!! It did!!!!!

The second facial cleanser felt soooo luxurious, and I ended up using it in the evenings before getting ready for bed. Aqua Marina smells like calamine, seaweed, and the ocean breeze, and it felt incredible on my skin. It's designed specifically to calm irritated, sensitive skin. I'd say it did the job very well.

The facial lotions were a bit trickier at first. I'd originally walked out with Skin Shangri La as my day *and* night moisturizer, but quickly realized I felt way too oily during the day. It's a heavy moisturizer. After I explained this to Lush, we decided the Vanishing Cream might be a good fit for my daily lotion. I saw (and felt!) a GIANT difference.

I began to use Skin's Shangri La only as my night moisturizer. Even though it was the heaviest skin cream I've EVER used, it didn't cause acne and it prevented me from waking up with any type of dryness.

I continued using the Vanishing Cream instead of the Skin's Shangri La in the morning under my makeup. It's Lush's lightest moisturizer, so it works REALLY well if you hate the feeling of thick lotion on your skin. I really think this helped even out the tone of my skin over the course of the month.

I also used Magical Moringa matte primer under my makeup in the morning. Honestly? I truly felt like it helped mattefy my skin. And a little goes a LONG way with this product, which I loved.

Did the Vanishing Cream + Magical Moringa cure my oiliness? No. But I also didn't expect it to. HOWEVER, I was *less* oily than I was when I was using the CeraVe lotion, so I'm calling it a win. Also, I loved how lightweight the Vanishing Cream is. And — because I know you're wondering — neither caused me to break out!!!!

The Full of Grace solid moisturizing bar was something I could probably cut out of my routine. I loved that it was easy to travel with, but using it at night on top of my Skin's Shangri La was too much. It helps skin maintain its elasticity, which is good in the long run for anyone looking to maintain firm skin, but I would personally use one or the other and not both.

At first I thought the Eau Roma Water toner was going to be kind of bogus, but I realized that 1) it really is hydrating and 2) helps spread out all of the above lotions so you don't have to use as much.

For the first two weeks, I used the Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask, which is designed to soothe redness and irritation, and cleanse the skin without stripping its natural oils. It made my skin soft and supple.

For the last two weeks, I picked up the BB Seaweed mask. This one is gently exfoliating, using the meat of ground almonds to clear dry skin and nutrient-rich seaweed for nourishment.

Because I thought you might be curious, here's the final reveal!

If you're like me, then you want to know how just far you can stretch your dollar. Here's how much product I had left after 40 days:

I can definitely tell this new routine has helped reduce redness, provided a more even tone, and helped slightly eliminate some excess oil on my face throughout the day.