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I'm So Sorry, But Here's How Some Male Authors For Really Real Described Women In Books


1. "You know what this sentence needs? EMOTION. Specifically, breast emotion."

tswan89 / Via

2. "Of course breasts ripple because — duh — physics!"

CurdledBeans / Via

3. "What simile would make sense for butt cheeks? WAIT, I'VE GOT IT."

wingeddinosaur / Via

4. "I have taken zero anatomy classes but don't worry, I know how this works."

ewillard42 / Via

5. "What's a unique way to describe goosebumps????"

solo_monk / Via

6. "Sometimes she didn't even brush her teeth and guess what? STILL SEXY."

conversechik1282 / Via

7. "God I'm hungry."

casterapple / Via

8. "This is definitely how bodies work."

lilycama / Via

9. "I know a lot about periods if you couldn't tell!!!!"

brinkworthspoon / Via

10. "This makes sense."

yuriathebitch / Via

11. "I'm POSITIVE breasts move at even the slightest gesture."

NicoleMary27 / Via

12. "I've always wanted to use 'breast flesh' in a sentence."

13. "Any excuse to use the word 'joggled!!!!!'"

rac00ns / Via

14. "See through nose holes really turn me on."

15. "Hey, if you didn't already know...I'm basically a menstruation expert."

H/T r/MenWritingWomen