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    Here Are The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly School Lunches All Over The World

    Square pizza, anyone?

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us what their school lunch looks like in their country. Here are the appetizing (and not so appetizing) results:

    As anyone who grew up in America, you know school lunches typically look like this:

    You had square pizza day.

    And chicken nugget day.

    "Lunch at my public high school in New York. Note that this is supposed to be enough food for a high schooler."

    Submitted by whirlwind2357

    And also the famous soft rolls with an ice cream scoop of mashed potatoes and gravy.

    From Reddit user okamzikprosim

    But here's what school lunches look like throughout the rest of the world:


    BuzzFeed / Wikipedia

    "Cabbage and pea salad, chicken and potato soup, rice with carrots, chicken fillets, beef, pasta with olive oil, and some kind of cheese layered cake with bananas on the side for dessert."

    Submitted by Karleigh S


    BuzzFeed / Wikipedia

    "Udon noodles with fishcake (Korean style) spicy chicken, rice with cooked kimchi, peach yogurt, and a granola bar!"

    Submitted by kimgyeongran


    BuzzFeed / Wikipedia

    "Lasagna with arugula and a piece of ciabatta."

    Submitted by matildakoftans


    BuzzFeed / Wikipedia

    "In Finland, we have some kind of raw or pickled veggies or salad. For the main dish, we usually have some stew or soup or something that's easily prepared for a lot of people. For the side, it’s very often potatoes. We don’t really have dessert that often — maybe once a week — but it’s usually some kind of pudding. For the drink, we can choose between milk and water. Oh, and we also have bread."

    Submitted by Jyrinki


    BuzzFeed / Wikipedia

    "In Germany, we usually have 2-3 different meals to choose from each day. And they are actual meals. For example, a Schnitzel (a typical German meat dish) with sauce and potatoes or something. Then there is usually a vegetarian option and 'extra' meals for lactose intolerant people. I always liked my school lunch. Oh, and there is a salad bar."

    Submitted by sharlenec4d100c07d


    BuzzFeed / Wikipedia
    Twitter: @ihsankhairir

    "In Malaysia, we have many stalls and we can eat anything. There are various dishes from different cultures. Nasi lemak, fried rice, fried noodles, noodles soup, roti canai, fruits, western food and more! The food taste good and is cheap!"

    Submitted by wenjing


    BuzzFeed / Wikipedia

    “La cantine in France is the best. No trays but actual plates. Diverse, and balanced four-course meals everyday: appetizer, entrée, cheese, desserts, and bread. So many fond memories!"

    Submitted by tendrementchoco


    BuzzFeed / Wikipedia

    "In Singapore, most public schools don't provide lunches. Instead, we have a canteen which sells reasonably-priced food."

    Submitted by Holly Swift, Facebook


    BuzzFeed / Wikipedia

    "Rice, milk, stir fried tofu and vegetables, saury, and soup."

    From Imgur user welikethemoon


    BuzzFeed / Wikipedia

    "Pork in gravy with bread dumplings."

    From Reddit user okamzikprosim


    BuzzFeed / Wikipedia

    "Fish, spinach, potatoes, schorseneren, and egg."

    From Reddit user Fingebimus


    BuzzFeed / Wikipedia

    From Imgur user MissDLove

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    Note: Not all submissions are from Community users. Some copy has been edited for length/clarity.