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    Lush Released Some Amazing New Products And You'll Want To Buy Them All

    You'll want it all.

    These Crème de Menthe mouthwash tabs that'll leave your breath minty fresh.

    This remarkable Elbow Grease moisturizing balm designed to deliver extreme moisture and keep tattoos vibrant.

    This Pink Bath Bomb that makes a fabulous fizzer for a relaxing soak.

    This Scrubee that both exfoliates and softens your skin for silky smooth results.

    This Sleepy body lotion that will have you relaxing in lavender dreams.

    This luxurious Yellow Submarine that smells divinely like orange and lemongrass.

    This Rocket Science bath bomb that soars around your tub.

    This Cheer Up Buttercup bath bomb that's sure to boost your mood.

    This tranquil Metamorphosis bath bomb that'll release you from your stress.