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    Here's How 11 Creative Houses Passed Out Candy This Socially Distant Halloween

    Love this innovation.

    1. This innovative candy slide design:

    Here's a closer look at where the candy comes out:

    2. And here's another candy chute that works flawlessly:


    Halloween in a pandemic. We only visited houses that we didn’t have to go face to face. #HappyHalloween #trickortreat

    ♬ original sound - Stephanie Julia

    Super savvy!

    Candy chute with an attached signed that says 'Scream Trick Or Treat!!'

    3. Here's how this house used a toy roller coaster as a safe way to stay 6 feet apart:

    And here's a closer look at that sweet candy:

    4. This makeshift candy chute brought a lot of joy to trick or treaters:

    Look at that innovation!

    5. This might be my favorite: Beetlejuice candy chute!

    Incredibly spooky!

    6. And here's a tamer candy chute that's less likely to scare younger children:


    “Hooty Chute” for candy! Super easy to store and I cey I love Hooty #theowlhouse #candychute #tutorial #halloween #hootytheowlhouse

    ♬ The Owl House Opening Cover - Frostfm

    It's a HOOT!

    Candy chute with the face of an owl

    7. This really "spoopy" Halloween chute:

    Please admire the details that went into the toilet at the top:

    8. And then there's this slithery chute:

    We love the creativity.

    9. This ghoulish and on-theme candy chute:


    Getting our candy chute ready! Still have to add some cobwebs #covidhalloween #candychute #halloween #trickortreat

    ♬ This Is Halloween - Alus

    Creepy and crawly!

    Candy chute that leads down to an angry pumpkin-shaped bowl next to a sign decorated with spiders and says 'Trick or Treat, Keep 6 Feet'

    10. This glow-in-the-dark candy slide:

    It's a vibe.

    Glow-in-the-dark chute with a skull at the bottom

    11. And finally, if you feel someone watching you, it might just be this candy chute monster:


    We got zero trick or treaters. Stupid pandemic. #HappyHalloween #candychute #wetried

    ♬ original sound - goodlp

    We love a safe, creative, and fun Halloween!

    Candy chute covered in fake eyeballs