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    This Woman's Gingerbread House–Building Hack Went Mega Viral On TikTok Because It's Genius

    No more collapsing houses this holiday season.

    If you've ever built a gingerbread house, you know that the worst part of putting these suckers together is bonding the entire house with "frosting glue," which ends up either collapsing or looking like a huge-ass mess.

    A person trying to put together a small gingerbread house
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    This TikToker had a solution that blew *many* people's minds, including mine. Anita (@Tastyentertaining) builds her gingerbread houses by bonding the whole house with burnt sugar, which acts almost like a hot glue gun. Honestly, this hack changes the gingerbread house–building game.

    @tastyentertaining220 / Via

    Anita's TikTok went super viral, gaining over 6 million views and over a million likes after she posted her tutorial!


    White sugar, melted in pan. Dip Gingerbread parts in and hold for a few seconds. TA DA! A solid house! #HolidayTiktok #welldone #yougotthis

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    When we spoke to Anita, we asked how she learned this pretty genius hack. She told BuzzFeed, "It's how my mother did it when I was little, and it's how I have done it ever since. I was certainly aware that most people use royal icing, and I know of the frustration that comes with that, so I have converted a lot of people to this method."

    Anita holding her undecorated gingerbread house
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    She continued, "Frosting is fine in theory, but it takes time to harden. You have to prop up the house until it is done hardening, so it can't be done in one fell swoop. It also isn't structurally sound and often collapses during decorating. Burnt sugar (dry caramel) works almost instantly and is very hard. Your house will not succumb to the weight of the candy."

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    When asked if she was surprised by the viral response to her video, she said, "I didn't expect such a positive response! I know people look for content that solves a problem, so I try to create things that add value. But I never expected this! I am thrilled that this has appeared to help so many people."

    And finally, Anita has a warning for people who want to attempt this during the holiday season: "Please be aware of the dangers of hot sugar on your skin." So if you're attempting this hack, proceed with caution!

    A gingerbread house decorated and held together with frosting surrounded by candy and snowman-shaped cookies
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    May your holidays be filled with structurally sound gingerbread houses!!