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19 Of The Funniest Yet Wholesome Mom Texts Of 2018

"What does GOAT mean?"

1. The mom who was very concerned about the effects of marijuana:

keligaunce / Via

2. The mom who was curious about the musician Post Malone:

3. The mom who just couldn't keep up with the youth's lingo:

eyyitsapersons / Via

4. The mom who was really feeling herself:

newfierose / Via

5. The mom who just wanted to show some words of encouragement:

6. The mom who had some good advice:

autumnnleeaves / Via

7. The mom who had a very important question about emojis:

gryn4me / Via

8. The mom who had a beef with the new Apple products:

gidgejane / Via

9. The mom who was just so pure:

gidgejane / Via

10. The mom who wasn't shy on the details:

catzformona / Via

11. The mom who was unexplainably random:

12. The mom who needed a bigger keyboard:

msamycampbell / Via

13. The mom who was inspired by YouTube videos:

14. The mom who was confused by the appearance of her bitmoji:

cln1985 / Via

15. The mom who partied a little too hard:

16. The mom who wanted clarification:

17. The mom who wasn't quite sure what she was doing:

greedo_girl / Via

18. The mom who was on a mission to attend an Usher show:

textsfrommother / Via

19. And finally, the mom who organized this photo of the birthday dog:

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