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    14 Illustrations That’ll Make All Book Lovers Laugh

    *Goes to read outside and immediately starts sweating under the sun.*

    1. When you finish a book and literally can't think of anything else:

    2. When you think reading outside in the summer won't result in pit stains:

    3. And when you realize the best place to read is somewhere COZY INDOORS:

    4. When you KNOW the smell of brand new books is the freakin' best:

    5. When someone is rude as hell and interrupts your reading time:

    6. When you just need an escape:

    7. When you have a little self-control but not a lot:

    8. And when you lose ALL SELF-CONTROL:

    9. When you have a favorite ~position~:

    10. When you're a real party animal:

    11. When you find the perfect date:

    12. When the cinema just doesn't nail down all the details:

    13. When your vacation looks a bit different from other's vacations:

    14. And finally, when you're either one or the other: