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18 Foods From The Mid-'90s You Can Practically Still Taste


1. OK first of all, before Nesquik it was just called Quik AND there was a Cookies 'n Cream flavor that was equal parts chocolatey and creamy.

2. And let's not forget when the OG Skittles Sour debuted and they were NOT MESSING AROUND with that sour punch.

3. Of course, it wouldn't be the '90s without the chalky-fruity taste of Flintstones vitamins.

4. And somehow, everyone who was sick in the mid-'90s knows the super-sweet taste of this bubblegum medicine.

5. Nearly every ice cream truck on the block offered these creamy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pops.

6. And then there was the tangy, citrusy Hi-C juice that was basically 97% sugar.

7. BUT ALSO! Kool-Aid's Great Bluedini — which tasted like fruit punch but was a nice shade of teal blue.

8. Honestly, the mid-'90s was a time where we all were obsessed with colorful fruit drinks made of pure sugar.

9. Oatmeal was way more fun (and delicious) with brown sugar and dinosaur eggs that were kind of squishy in your mouth.

10. And these bubble gum cigars, which tasted like a solid block of sugar.

11. Starburst Fruit Twists were what happened when Starburst and licorice had a baby — and honestly they tasted way better that regular licorice.

12. And if you think WAY back, you might remember a time in the '90s when McDonald's tried McPizzas, which tasted pretty similar to Pizza Hut.

13. There were also Whistle Pops that basically tasted like a regular lollipop but MADE NOISE.

14. And of course, Danimals Smoothies was a thing that existed and almost tasted like a strawberry milkshake.

15. To be completely honest, Doritos tasted the best when they were in 3D form.

16. And Reese's chocolate was much more delightful when it came in a Pringles type of shape.

17. Obviously you haven't lived through the mid-'90s if you didn't eat plain vanilla or chocolate ice cream with a wooden spoon in class.

18. And last, but not least, how could we ever forget the magnificent birth of Oreos + cereal that tantalized our taste buds????