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    15 Families Who Are Endlessly Entertaining Themselves In The Most Creative Ways During Social Isolation

    Truly making the best of quarantine!

    1. This family who helped celebrate their son turning 21 by transforming their garage into "Club Quarantine":

    2. And this family did the same thing for their daughter:


    It’s my sister’s 21 birthday in quarantine, so we gave her the full club experience at home. ##fyp ##foryou ##quarantine ##quaratinelife ##birthday ##hbd

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    3. This entire family who learned a TikTok dance and performed it beautifully:

    5. This family who have been putting on amazing "theme nights" for their quarantine dinners:

    6. This family who cheered their softball-playing daughter on during quarantine:

    day 8 of quarantine w no softball: i told my family to cheer me on while hitting off the tee....😔😔😔

    7. This super sweet gesture that this woman made to make sure her fiancé had an amazing 30th birthday:

    8. This brother who made an amazing themed dinner:

    So my brother decided to host the family for dinner at his pop-up quarantine resturant Pri Mavera, tonight 😂🥺

    9. This great-grandma who wouldn't let quarantine stop her from giving her grandkids money:


    she wouldn’t come back out until I took the money

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    10. This dad teaching his cats about the coronavirus:

    day 6 of quarantine: my dad gave a talk to the cats about covid-19 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    11. This mom who served up some classy cocktails for a little work happy hour:


    Trying to bring some laughter by sharing my favorite source - my mom (who has been the “executive assistant” while we all work from home).

    ♬ The Office (Main Theme) - TV Sounds Unlimited

    12. This family who made their toilet "smoke":

    Quarantine day 6: I think my family has lost it.

    13. This creative soul who put a full-on Disneyland parade:

    14. This family who brought the restaurant indoors to celebrate a special birthday:

    Can’t go outside cause of Rona so my family made me my own restaurant for my birthday 😭❤️

    15. And finally, this college fam who is making the best of things: