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Excuse Me While I Bring Up The Saddest Forgotten Movie Scene Of Your Childhood Because I'm A Monster

You will definitely cry.

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Meanwhile Angie, Tiny's loving human, and her grandfather call for Tiny to come back to them, and it's honestly so fucking heartbreaking.



Hold your heart, because I haven't even gotten to the saddest part yet. Everything is good for a hot second because Tiny finds six lil rabbit siblings who take care of him...

And then then saddest movie moment of your childhood happens: Angie sings about missing Tiny while Tiny remembers literally every good moment he's ever had with Angie. SORRY FOR YOUR TEARS.

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After the song causes you to sob out every last bit of emotion in your soul, you find out that Tiny and Angie are eventually reunited in the end — because it would have been really fucked up if they weren't.