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Doctors, What’s The Funniest Thing You’ve Ever Witnessed In The Medical Field?

Training might not prepare you for everything.

Doctors, nurses, dentists, medical assistants — you don't have an easy job. In fact, sometimes it can be downright STRESSFUL.

Throughout your time in the medical field, we know you have SEEN. SOME. SHIT.

Maybe you've been the X-ray technician that found something...uh...INTERESTING lodged up a patient's bum.

Or maybe you've had a patient come in with five teeth knocked out after a skateboard trick went wrong.

Or perhaps you've been the nurse in the room when a patient's bowel movement went terribly, terribly wrong.

Whatever it is, we want to know! Tell us your wildest story from your time in the medical field using the Dropbox below for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community video/post!