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23 DIY Halloween Costumes So Clever, You'll Be Mad You Didn't Think Of It First

Time to start planning!

1. This adorable Bath & Body Works scented candle:

2. This easy peasy stalk of corn costume:

3. These simple Kleenex boxes:

4. This magical unicorn frappuccino:

5. This cute piece of sushi:

6. This effortless bag of produce:

7. This creative pouch of French fries:

8. This flawless Where The Wild Things Are costume:

9. This fancy and fun Dole Whip:

10. This creative "raining cats and dogs" costume:

11. This colorful bowl of Froot Loops:

12. These adorable throwback toys from your childhood:

13. This spitting image of the Morton's Salt Girl:

14. This amazing play on words:

15. This easy cheesy (and delicious-looking) costume:

16. This CEREAL killer:

17. This delightfully yummy Trader Joe's product:

18. This whimsical social butterfly:

19. This poppin' pink bubblegum:

20. This thirst-quenching La Croix can:

21. This fantastically simple pineapple:

22. And this even easier puff of cotton candy:

23. And finally, this creative French toast: