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    Skincare Experts Told Us 17 Mistakes We Didn't Even Realize We Were Making

    "The biggest mistake I see in acne patients is spot-treating only."

    We asked skincare experts Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Dr. Lindsey Bordone, and Karen Fernandez (a licensed aesthetician) to tell us the most common mistakes we're making with our skin, and their responses were so, so helpful:

    1. Over-washing your face — you end up stripping the skin and that's NOT good.

    2. Stop over-exfoliating your skin just because you see dry flakes.

    3. Spot-treating acne isn't the best tactic when it comes to getting clear skin. You need to treat the entire area.

    4. Don't use 10,000 anti-aging products because you think you'll see quicker, more youthful results. It's actually better to stick to one single ingredient.

    5. Using products that strip the skin's barrier — it makes sensitive skin even more sensitive.

    6. Don't be super aggressive with sensitive skin! Gentleness is key.

    7. Not wearing sunscreen every day! Especially if you're prone to redness or have rosacea.

    8. Stop leaving your makeup on (especially foundation) for a long period of time. It leads to irritation and breakouts.

    9. Not cleaning your skin thoroughly at night creates a whole mess of problems.

    10. Consuming a ton of dairy and sugar — which can lead to more oil production that causes more acne.

    11. And overall, a poor diet can accelerate the aging process.

    12. Using too much moisturizer if you're oily/acne-prone.

    13. Another mistake is thinking you only need sunscreen if you're going to be outside — that's just not true. You need it every day, even indoors.

    14. Don't ONLY rely on the SPF that's in your makeup as sunscreen — it's not enough.

    15. Washing your face with a washcloth causes wrinkles = another skincare myth.

    16. Pore-clogging makeup (mineral oil and glycerin-based products) aren't doing your skin any favors.

    17. And finally, drinking water is the most inexpensive beauty product you can find.

    What questions do you have for skincare experts? Let us know in the comments!