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    16 Of The Creepiest Places In Texas That'll Forever Haunt Your Dreams

    Get ready for nightmares.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the creepiest places in Texas. Here are the ~spine-tingling~ results.

    1. Texas Killing Fields in Texas City, Texas

    TheNickFever / Via

    "There is a mile stretch on the I-45 known as the Highway of Hell. Since the '70s about 30 bodies have been found along the road. Many of these cases are still unsolved."

    Submitted by MKluck.

    2. Stagecoach Road in Marshall, Texas

    gerardo_delafuente / Via

    "If you want to scare someone, you take them down Stagecoach Road. At night you stop the car, roll down the windows, and turn off the lights. The very last time I was there, we did this. We then felt the back end of the truck go down, like something was stepping on the back bumper. The next morning, when we went out to the truck, the back window was covered in red dust (from the road) except for the dozen or so tiny handprints all over the window. We didn't have any tiny humans that could have made the tiny handprints. I've never gone down that road again."

    Submitted by Becky Crenshaw, Facebook.

    3. El Paso High School in El Paso, Texas

    Photo submitted by user irenezarate

    "Random people will appear in yearbook pictures, and faculty who were present at the time of the photo claims that nobody was there. It's also said that in the middle of the night, you can hear basketballs still dribbling and noises like a pep rally going on. It's a really creepy, beautiful building built in the early 1900s. The school is still being used till this day."

    Submitted by irenezarate.

    4. "The Face" on the UT Medical School building in Galveston, Texas

    sooner02r1 / Via

    "There's a face of a man on the side of a building that doesn't want to be removed. It appeared one day and even when it was painted over, it'd showed up in a different spot. This has happened several times — they have even tried pressure-washing and sanding the wall. Eventually they gave up and let it be. I've seen it, and it gives me the creeps."

    Submitted by JaselynM.

    5. Texas Ghost Tracks in San Antonio, Texas

    DarkHauntsVideos / Via

    "If you park your vehicle on the abandoned train tracks at night, the ghosts of the children that died on those same tracks will slowly push your car out of the way. I have been there and my vehicle actually moved."

    Submitted by lovelyshay059.

    6. The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas

    isthird / Via

    "The locals believe this building is haunted by quite a few ghosts, including a bellboy who was sliced in half by the basement elevator. The most famous ghost is a woman who was the mistress of the hotel's founder. Legend says the mistress lived in the hotel and jumped from the top floor to her death. People say they can still smell her lavender perfume in her old room."

    Submitted by Megan Hudson, Facebook.

    7. Abandoned Hero's Water World in Odessa, Texas

    West Texas Drone / Via

    Built in 1980, this water park was abandoned shortly after accidents resulted in civil lawsuits by visitors. There is no effort being made to bring the park back, and all that remains is graffitied slides, vandalized pools, and an eerie sense of abandonment.

    Submitted by omafryt.

    8. Bruce Hall at the University of North Texas

    UNT Digital Library / Via

    "When I lived there, my roommate — who absolutely didn't believe in ghosts — asked me if I thought the stairwell outside our dorm room was haunted. She always felt like someone was following her when she climbed the stairs. This freaked me out because she went from 'I don't believe in ghosts' to 'I think there are ghosts here' in the span of about a day."

    Bonnie Cleveland, Facebook.

    9. The Animal Industries Building at Texas A&M

    alexbrock1901 / Via

    "The basement used to serve as a slaughter house to teach students how to butcher meat. One day, one of the instructors was down there alone when he cut himself severely. His blade slipped and he severed his femoral artery and bled to death before help could arrive. Some stories say he dragged himself across the floor toward the elevator before he died, leaving a long blood trail behind him. Students claim to see apparitions and sometimes find unexplained dark stains on the floors of the building."

    Submitted by marisakahla09.

    10. Sarah Jane Road in Port Neches, Texas

    deathraygun / Via

    "If you drive down the road at night, you can see Sarah Jane will be standing on the side of the path. My friends went once and said they saw a lady in a white nightgown walking. When they went to ask if she needed a ride, she was gone."

    Submitted by jaselynm.

    11. The Marfa Lights in Marfa, Texas

    phenomeco / Via

    To this day, nobody can explain the source of the distant, glowing orbs in this West Texas town. There is no rhyme or reason as so when they appear, but many speculate they're a result of UFO activity.

    Submitted by michealat.

    12. Wilson County Jail in Floresville, Texas

    Creative Commons / Flickr: auvet

    "There's a story that said the sheriff's wife was having an affair (some say it was with a prisoner, though that has not been fact-checked). Her husband found out, so she killed herself in the jail. In the room where she supposedly killed herself, artifacts move without any physical person moving them."

    Submitted by Cammie81.

    13. The Dulaney Cottage in McKinney, Texas

    mckinneyandme / Via

    "It's a lovely, quaint old home, but is supposedly haunted by one of the daughters who died in that house."

    Submitted by LilMissHarper.

    14. The Driskell Hotel in Austin, Texas

    veronica71201 / Via

    "I was photographing a wedding there in 2012, and as I walked down the hall between the reception and the room where my gear was stored, I felt someone brush hair off my shoulder from behind me. I spun around to see who was there (like maybe it was my assistant messing with me), but no one was around. I started walking again, then felt the hair on the back of my head get blown on... It was CREEPY."

    Submitted by Caity Colvard, Facebook.

    15. The USS Lexington in Corpus Cristi, Texas

    cobit38 / Via

    There have been many unexplained phenomenon that happen within the USS Lexington, including feeling the presence of apparitions and a haunting from Charly, a former crew member who people claim acts as a tour guide for the ship.

    Submitted by panicatthedisco2015.

    16. The Tremont House Hotel in Galveston, Texas

    Creative Commons / Flickr: branditressler

    "We stayed there on our wedding night and barely got any sleep because we could hear running up and down the halls. And the Tremont is not a hotel where they let kids wander around by themselves."

    Submitted by raynah91.

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