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31 Costumes You Can Easily DIY From Amazon With Three Items Or Less

Nothing says Halloween like priming a costume two days before!

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1. Create a sweet and simple Belle look with this royal blue dress.

2. Get a little prickly with this super clever cactus sweater., theamckenzie / Via

Get it starting at $6.75, or get the green dress for $14.99.

Complete the look with clothespins for $7.99.


3. Reign over Candyland as Princess Lolly in this stunning dress.

4. Cast a bit of magic on your peers with this Harry Potter student vest.

Via, Jamison Elliott / Via

Get it for $22.90.

Complete this Hogwarts student look with a wand for $8.23 and a button up starting at $14.95.

5. Get your cheer on and become a Riverdale Vixen with this simple baseball tee., mirandagracemassey / Via

Get it starting at $14.99.

Complete the Vixen look with these socks for $9.99 and these black cheer short for $15.50.

6. Become an actual disco ball (or disco queen!) in this sparkly jumpsuit., Stephanie Woodward / Via

Get it for $28.

Complete the look with these adorable disco ball earrings for $6.97.

7. Create this easy "Mean Girls" look with this blue hoodie.


8. Get your '80s on with these neon-splattered leggings., Via

Get it for $15.95.

Complete the '80s look with this fun accessories bundle for $10.99 and this "I Love The '80s" shirt for $14.95.

9. Save the city as Mermaid Man with this orange long-sleeve shirt.

Via, Tisha Tran / Via

Get it starting at $6.99.

Complete this look with these green gloves for $10.15 and these black shorts starting at $9.90.

10. Soar over Neverland with these delightful Peter Pan leggings.

11. Save the world as Superwoman in this fierce red skirt., Anna Wolf / Via

Get it starting at $5.99.

Complete the Superwoman look with this blue top starting at $4 and this red cape for $8.43.

12. Get your emoji on in this vibrant yellow dress.


13. Fight for your kingdom as a knight in this jet-black cape.

14. Let out your evil side in this clever Joker blouse., Abigail / Via

Get it starting at $15.99.

Complete this villainous look with this flouncy purple skirt starting at $13.99 and bright orange scarf for $11.90.

15. OR go full-out in this head-to-toe Joker costume with this bright orange bowtie.

Via, Stacy Martino / Via

Get them in a variety of colors for $4.99.

Complete the Joker look with this crushed velvet purple blazer for $40 and this green wig for $10.49.

16. Create this simple Twister costume with a plain white T-shirt.

17. Transform into a real-life Roy Lichtenstein piece with this retro dress.

Via, Via

Get this adorable dress starting at $21.99.

Complete the Roy Lichtenstein look with this yellow wig for $7.80 and these red heels for $19.50.


18. Transform into the Riddler with this vest and tie pair.

Via, Brittany Johnson / Via

Get the set starting at $10.

Complete the Riddler look with this black fedora for $14.99.

19. Swim your worries away in this fancy red wig.

Via, Candice V. / Via

Get it for $16.99.

Complete the look with these shiny scale leggings for $7.99 (or this swishy skirt for $15.95!) and this radiant, purple halter top for $17.90.

20. Turn into a jolly holiday elf with this comfortable striped shirt.

Via, LNBone / Via

Get it starting at $4.99.

Complete this elfish look with this green skirt starting at $8.95 and this decorative headband for $6.95.

21. Create this simple Tina Belcher look with this cute skirt.

Via, Kayla Chen / Via

Get it starting at $8.95.

Complete Tina's look with this light blue top starting at $5.95 and these glasses for $7.99.

22. Create this simple Mario costume with this bright red shirt.


23. Spread your fairy dust everywhere with these colorful tutu skirts., David Warren / Via

Get it starting at $8.99.

Complete the fairy godmother look with this cape for $10.49 and this magical wand for $4.76.

24. Become a faceless man with this full-coverage body suit.

25. Solve tons of mysteries with these colorful knee-high socks.

Via, SuperSquish / Via

Get them in a colorful variety for $10.

Complete the Velma look with this red skirt starting at $8.95 and this orange sweater starting at $11.98.

Complete the Daphne look with this purple dress for $9.99 and this green scarf for $6.99.

26. Spread peace and love with this flowy black dress.

Via, Michelle M. / Via

Get it for $16.99.

Complete this look with this flower crown for $14.99 and this peace necklace for $4.99.

27. Flaunt this lovely flapper girl look with these faux pearls.

28. Show off your best Wario with this sunny yellow T-shirt.®-ComfortSoft®-Crewneck-T-Shirt/dp/B0009GCU62/ref=sr_1_10?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1507758679&sr=1-10&nodeID=7141123011&psd=1&keywords=yellow+men+shirt, nealio_vegilio / Via Instagram: @nealio_vegilio

Get it starting at $2.53.

Complete the look with these overalls for $23.99 and this Wario accessory set for $20.19.

29. Transform into the Brawny man with this plaid shirt.

30. Turn into a ripe avocado with the help of this lovely green dress.

31. Become an actual Starbucks drink with this cozy tan sweater.

Correction: A previous version of this post stated #9 as Barnacle Boy, when the true superhero is actually Mermaid Man.