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31 Costumes You Can Easily DIY From Amazon With Three Items Or Less

Nothing says Halloween like priming a costume two days before!

1. Create a sweet and simple Belle look with this royal blue dress.

2. Get a little prickly with this super clever cactus sweater.

3. Reign over Candyland as Princess Lolly in this stunning dress.

4. Cast a bit of magic on your peers with this Harry Potter student vest.

5. Get your cheer on and become a Riverdale Vixen with this simple baseball tee.

6. Become an actual disco ball (or disco queen!) in this sparkly jumpsuit.

7. Create this easy "Mean Girls" look with this blue hoodie.

8. Get your '80s on with these neon-splattered leggings.

9. Save the city as Mermaid Man with this orange long-sleeve shirt.

10. Soar over Neverland with these delightful Peter Pan leggings.

11. Save the world as Superwoman in this fierce red skirt.

12. Get your emoji on in this vibrant yellow dress.

13. Fight for your kingdom as a knight in this jet-black cape.

14. Let out your evil side in this clever Joker blouse.

15. OR go full-out in this head-to-toe Joker costume with this bright orange bowtie.

16. Create this simple Twister costume with a plain white T-shirt.

17. Transform into a real-life Roy Lichtenstein piece with this retro dress.

18. Transform into the Riddler with this vest and tie pair.

19. Swim your worries away in this fancy red wig.

20. Turn into a jolly holiday elf with this comfortable striped shirt.

21. Create this simple Tina Belcher look with this cute skirt.

22. Create this simple Mario costume with this bright red shirt.

23. Spread your fairy dust everywhere with these colorful tutu skirts.

24. Become a faceless man with this full-coverage body suit.

25. Solve tons of mysteries with these colorful knee-high socks.

26. Spread peace and love with this flowy black dress.

27. Flaunt this lovely flapper girl look with these faux pearls.

28. Show off your best Wario with this sunny yellow T-shirt.

29. Transform into the Brawny man with this plaid shirt.

30. Turn into a ripe avocado with the help of this lovely green dress.

31. Become an actual Starbucks drink with this cozy tan sweater.

Correction: A previous version of this post stated #9 as Barnacle Boy, when the true superhero is actually Mermaid Man.