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We Wanna Know Your Unpopular Opinions About A Specific Disney Channel Show/Movie

*Whispers* Sharpay was actually better than Gabriella.

Oh, Disney Channel. You've provided us with some of our favorite TV shows and movies over the years. And may we not forget all the songs within those shows and movies that we still sing to this very day.

But as an avid Disney Channel fan, perhaps you have some strong, controversial opinions that might be a bit ~unpopular~ and therefore, you've never shared them...UNTIL NOW.

For instance, maybe you strongly believe that Sharpay was done DIRTY by Gabriella and Troy in High School Musical.

Or maybe you 100% think that Hannah and Oliver should have ended up together in Hannah Montana.

Or perhaps you think Raven's powers should have also been passed along to her younger brother, Cory.

Whatever your opinion is, we wanna hear it! Leave it in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.