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    This Teen Uploaded Her Original Song To TikTok And Had No Idea It Went Viral Afterward

    "I thought they meant a couple thousand views, but when I first looked it was at 300K!"

    This is Claire Rosinkranz, a young artist who has been making music since she was eight years old. She's become well-known on TikTok because a clip of her song went viral without her knowledge.

    Professional shot of Claire Rosinkranz

    Last month, Claire uploaded this video explaining that "Backyard Boy" was actually her song and she had no idea it had gained massive popularity on the app.

    Claire spoke to BuzzFeed about her experience finding out what had happened. "It’s funny, because I wasn’t that interested in getting on TikTok until a couple of my friends convinced me that it could be a cool opportunity," she explained. "I was getting DMs saying that it was doing really well on TikTok, but I wasn’t really active at the time, so for some reason I decided not to look. Then I got friends of mine texting me about it, so that’s when I checked."

    Claire with text saying, "Hi this is my song and I didn't know it was trending on the Tok"

    "I was VERY surprised. I uploaded the clip at the beginning of June. When people said that it was doing well a month later, I thought they meant that there were a couple thousand videos under the sound, but when I got to it there were around 300K videos under it!" Claire told BuzzFeed. "Obviously, I thought it was super cool and I am so, so grateful for it all!"

    Currently, 1.6 million people have used Claire's upbeat and catchy song to create their own TikTok videos.

    Screenshot of TikTok app with Claire's song at 1.6 million videos

    "This experience opened up some amazing opportunities, and got me on some sick playlists (as well as #1 on multiple top viral song charts on Spotify). Most importantly, it got a lot more people listening to my music!"

    TikTok is really doing the most to bring us new music we might not have discovered before! You can listen to more of Claire's music on Spotify.