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13 Cake Decorators Who Should Be Fired And 13 Who Need A Raise

If at first you don't someone else to do it.

1. This cake decorator went on a very, very simplified creative journey:

Photo of a Switch placed on a cake when the cake itself was supposed to resemble the Switch
@katznjeep / Via

"Can you make a cake look like a Switch? Here, I'll take a picture for you for reference." —katznjeep

But this cake creator made a gaming cake that literally looks like it belongs in a museum:

fondant nintendo cake beautiful
@ekrubnosila / Via

2. This cake decorator made a cake doodle that doesn't quite resemble He-Man:

bad doodle cake of he-man
@HeideAnne / Via

But this cake decorator created a FLAWLESS cartoon cake of this SpongeBob scene:

intricate spongebob cake
@tohellwithdishes / Via

3. This cake decorator perhaps tried a little too hard to capture the puzzled expression on Rapunzel's face:

rapunzel tangled cake looking confused
CrimsionDawn / Via

But THIS baker worked ALL of the tiers into a masterpiece:

3-tier gorgeous rapunzel cake with long fondant hair

4. This cake decorator made a solid attempt at spelling "Faith":

cake with faith misspelled as farth
@faith_glover / Via

But this cake creator made a BEE-AU-TIFUL hive cake that spelled everything exactly how it should be spelled:

stunning hive and bee cake
@SoupPoops / Via

5. This cake decorator really needed spellcheck:

a superbowl cake spelled super bowel
thatkalichick / Via

But this cake decorator perfected the art of the sport:

stunning pink cake with football fondant
cakesbyamykathleen / Via

6. This baker's hedgehog cake resulted in looking like the stuff of nightmares:

scary hedgehog cake
@axenaaa / Via

But this baker's hedgehog cakes are the most delicately adorable things I've ever seen:

cute hedgehog cakes with fluffy frosting
@justkeepsquishin / Via

7. This cake creator's castle is looking a little...stiff:

penis castle cake with princesses
ICantBelieveThisNameWasFree / Via

But THIS cake decorator's castle cake is where I hope to one day have my wedding:

layered and intricate wedding cake with detailed flowers
whitepotweddingcakes / Via

8. This cake decorator tried their best to make a realistic Elmo:

scary elmo cake
EmmaAcklanddd / Via

But this cake creator pretty much nailed it:

cute elmo cake
@monia-ella / Via

9. This cake decorator's Yoda is absolutely, positively holding a LIGHTSABER and nothing more, why do you ask:

yoga holding lightsaber that looks like a dick

But this baker's intricate detail of THIS Yoda cake is truly mind-blowing:

very detailed and realistic yoga cake
anastasiya_s19_ / Via

10. This cake decorator didn't quite understand the assignment:

poorly drawn mermaid

But this baker positively nailed it:

layered adorable mermaid ariel cake
dulcetcakes / Via

11. This cake creator made a solid attempt at a Mickey cake:

scary mickey cake
jonwasleske / Via

But this cake decorator's Mickey fondant cake is almost lifelike:

fondant mickey cake that looks cute
mayuscakes / Via

12. This cake creator's Toy Story cake certainly does tell a story:

Woody from Toy Story looking like he took a long dump of frosting
i_am_jen_ / Via

But this cake decorator's Toy Story cake really brings the film to life:

gorgeous toy story cake
bolosdasarinha / Via

13. And finally, this baker's unicorn cake looks a little suspicious...

suspicious looking unicorn cake
@sunflower-bees-me / Via

...but THIS baker's cake truly makes me believe in magic:

stunning fondant unicorn cake
@gene_yus / Via