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    22 Bookstagrammers On Instagram To Follow If You Love Reading

    Connect with the book community through Instagram by following these 22 incredible readers!

    1. Brynn from @readyourworriesaway

    @readyourworriesaway / Via, Via

    About Me: My name is Brynn and I am a sixth-grade teacher with a passion for reading. I especially love reading outdoors when the weather is nice here in Wisconsin! I started this bookstagram account as a fun little hobby, and I never could have imagined making such great connections with others who love to read books too!

    What Followers Can Expect: You can expect a lot of mystery/thriller books + reviews on my bookstagram — it’s my fave genre. I also love reading memoir, romance, true crime, literary fiction, and contemporary fiction! I also do some fun giveaways and weekly “This or That” polls in my stories!

    A Recent Book I Loved: A recent favorite of mine is The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose. It’s a must-read for all thriller lovers! It was twisty, full of suspense, and kept me guessing. I was constantly reevaluating the evidence and trying to figure out all of the details, but I was left surprised over and over again. I loved the powerful female lead, and the alternating perspectives between Sarah and Adam. As I got closer to the end, my heart was racing and I couldn’t read the words on the page fast enough. I needed answers!

    2. Taryn from @mentallybooked

    mentallybooked / Via Instagram: @mentallybooked,

    About Me: I'm a 23-year-old bookworm currently living in Atlanta with my childhood dog, Baxter. I majored in environmental science in college, but books are a hobby-turned-passion for me and I'd love to work in the publishing industry someday. Aside from reading, I also really love horror movies, ice cream, and fantasizing about my dream NYC brownstone.

    What Followers Can Expect: I read and feature a wide range of new and backlist titles on my page, from contemporary and literary fiction to speculative, magical realism. I hope everyone who follows my page knows to expect honest reviews and bright, colorful photos.

    A Recent Book I Loved: At the end of last year, I read Crosshairs by Catherine Hernandez, which is a dystopian novel set in Canada that inspects issues of climate disaster, social justice, and cultural identity. In fact, it's now one of my favorite books of all time. Another, slightly more recent, favorite is Bestiary by K-Ming Chang. I read this one in January and it's the perfect book for people who like weird but lyrical magical realism.

    3. Taylor from @bookswithtay

    @bookswithtay / Via, Via

    About Me: My name is Taylor, and I’m a Texan native now living in New York City. I grew up reading, but didn’t read a single book for leisure in college. I found myself having a lot of time to read on my commute on the subway, so I was able to pick up the habit again.

    What Followers Can Expect: They can expect reviews across all genres and a diverse array of authors! I make it a point to prioritize and amplify BIPOC authors, and all of my reviews are 100% genuine and honest. I take all the photos myself (usually in my apartment) and occasionally in the city — with a guest appearance from my cat, George.

    A Recent Book I Loved: I recently read N.K. Jemisin’s The City We Became, which was a really great speculative fiction novel. I highly recommend it, even if you’re not a fantasy novel reader. The City We Became is unlike any other fantasy novel I’ve read. She thrusts you straight into the world with little explanation, and you figure it out as the story progresses. (Although there is little world-building in this one — the setting is in present-day NYC.) ⁣Jemisin says she wrote this book as a love letter to New York City, and I wholeheartedly agree with that. This city is both gritty, resilient, and beautiful, and she captured that very well. ⁣

    4. Emma from @bookedwithemma

    @bookedwithemma / Via,

    About Me: My name is Emma Ito and I’m a bisexual half-Japanese public historian in an academic/archival library. I specifically focus on Virginia and Southern history, and Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) history in the South. I strongly believe honest history is so important, and reading is one key avenue toward learning history that wasn’t taught in the classroom.

    What Followers Can Expect: Followers can expect to see a mix of critical reviews, beautiful bookshelves, and many nonfiction recommendations. I prioritize reading BIPOC/Disabled/2SLGBTQ+ authored books.

    A Recent Book I Loved: AHH, this is so hard! I am currently reading The Prophets by Robert Jones Jr. and find myself absolutely swept away by the beautiful prose in this. (I highly recommend checking out the incredible reviews for this book from @thatgoodgoodbook, @ablackmanreading, and @_litmedown, who all influenced me to pick this up.) I also always recommend Displacement by Kiku Hughes!

    5. Joy from @smileitsjoy

    @smileitsjoy / Via,

    About Me: My name is Joy Melody and I am currently a doctoral student focusing on health communication — specially how Black women communicate about their reproductive health. I am a native of Fort Worth, Texas. I am an advocate for Black mxn and womxn, especially graduate students, who also may have learning disabilities and mental health disorders, like myself.

    What Followers Can Expect: Followers can expect Black books and the books of other authors of color to be prioritized. I give honest and hilarious reviews. I also share a little bit of my non-reading life — student life, dog mom, young and married, and health journey.

    A Recent Book I Loved: This is tough! A recent book I enjoyed is one I JUST finished: Open Water by Caleb Azumah Nelson. It drops in the States in the coming months, but it just took my breath away. It’s a must-read!

    6. Whit from @bookqueen_whit

    @bookqueen_whit / Via,

    About Me: My name is Whitney and I am a self-proclaimed “Aficionado of the Finest Books.” I currently reside in Dallas, with big dreams of owning a bookstore one day.

    What Followers Can Expect: Followers can expect a wide range of genres and fun book pictures to go along with whatever I’m reading or obsessing over at the moment. I’ll go from showcasing Black authors and social justice issues to jumping into a scary, disturbing psychological thriller that will keep you up at night. I can then wake up the next day and pop a romance on my feed. I take pride in posting a wide variety of options for the average reader.

    A Recent Book I Loved: I actually have two books I recently read that I truly enjoyed! The first was We Were Eight Years in Power by Ta-Nehisi Coates. It touched on each year of President Barack Obama’s administration. It was a brutally honest work of art. I loved everything about it. The next book I read was a psychological thriller titled Confessions on the 7:45 by Lisa Unger. This book totally made me forget about everything that was going on around me. I fell deep into this story and I applaud the author for allowing us to experience just a glimpse of her creative mind.

    7. Sarah from @tipsybookreviews

    @tipsybookreviews / Via, Via

    About Me: Hi, I’m Sarah! I’m a bookworm in my mid-twenties and when I’m not reading, you can find me watching true crime shows and drinking wine.

    What Followers Can Expect: I post lots of book reviews paired with drink recommendations that I think would be perfect to sip on while reading! I also cohost the #BottomsUpBuddyRead with my friend, Alison (@talkbookstome_), which has been a great way to connect with other book lovers!

    A Recent Book I Loved: I recently read Finlay Donovan Is Killing It by Elle Cosimano and I absolutely loved it! That book was quirky, entertaining, and such a page turner! I loved the wild ride that this one was...just as Finlay got herself into more and more tricky situations, I couldn’t help but root for her! Sometimes I’d be internally screaming at Finlay for some of the choices she made, but there were also tons of laugh out loud moments! Cosimano totally nailed the setting with this one too! As a Northern VA native myself, I was fangirling over the locations mentioned in the book.

    8. Marissa from @allegedlymari

    allegedlymari / Via,

    About Me: I am in my last semester of law school and preparing to take the bar exam in July. I started my account a little over two years ago and have loved all of the connections and friends I have made.

    What Followers Can Expect: I post a lot of personal experiences. I like to discuss how a book triggered a memory or my interpretation of a story. I don't do star reviews on my page. Every book is different for every person, and it feels weird to say I didn't like a book and possibly dissuade someone from reading it. I do highlight the books I love and speak as to how I connected with them, but I won't do a traditional review. Also, I have been involved with advocacy for human rights for several years and that bleeds into everything I do. And of course, dog and beer content!

    A Recent Book I Loved: A Cup of Water Under My Bed by Daisy Hernandez. Wow! What a book. I highlighted just about every page in that book.

    9. Abby from @bookmarkedbya

    bookmarkedbya / Via, Via

    About Me: I'm Abby — an avid reader based in Houston. I'm also a lover of houseplants, dogs, and cross-stitching. You can usually find me on the couch with my pup, Murphy, a good book, and a glass of bubbly.

    What Followers Can Expect: You can expect fun, honesty, and a wide range of book recommendations from young adult fiction to memoirs and everything in between. And I think I'm funny, so maybe some laughs!

    A Recent Book I Loved: I'm always ready to love what I'm reading, and fortunately, that is often the case for me! Recently, I adored Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas. It was pure joy. I loved the rich, complex portrayal of a trans boy — living and loving and being a badass, fighting for his family to respect his identity and smashing through barriers! I’m obsessed with the portrayals of brujx and their magical powers and loved learning more about Dia de Los Muertos. There’s even a twist at the end that I was not at all expecting! This YA is as close to perfect as I’ve found, and I so highly recommend it.

    10. Hannah from @thepaperbackbruncher

    thepaperbackbruncher / Via,

    About Me: Hey, I'm Hannah, and I am an Arizona millennial bookstagrammer. I have an "energizer bunny" enthusiasm for books (aka I can't stop, won't stop). You can find me dancing (badly), telling dad jokes (well), and sharing my social media tips and tricks. I try to make my account as fun as possible because reading should be fun and being serious is boring.

    What Followers Can Expect: The Paperback Bruncher is full of all sorts of bookish variety. I love featuring Little Free Libraries, stylish book-inspired outfits, livestreams with other bookstagrammers and booktokers, books in all formats (audiobooks are my jam), my passion for my local library, and more! Posting reels is definitely my favorite part of Instagram — besides chatting with bookish friends in my DMs.

    A Recent Book I Loved: I recently read the new release The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon. Solomon somehow made tropes we see all the time seem new and exciting again (enemies to lovers, fake dating... and ONE BED?!), and I can't stop recommending this hilarious romance. Shay Goldstein has followed in her father's footsteps, finding a career in public radio. She is a damn good producer, but dreams of being on air. Enter the new self-assured hire, Dominic, who is only interested in serious radio...none of that "puff piece" type content that Shay is so good at. They instantly butt heads, but with the station struggling to stay afloat, Shay pitches a concept of a new show, cohosted by exes. Their boss appoints them as the two for the job, even though they never dated. Add this one to your TBR — you won't be sorry!

    11. Amanda from @lilacsandliterature

    @lilacsandliterature / Via,

    About Me: I’m a born and raised Mainer and a stay-at-home mom to three little boys. I have a love of everything related to books in all forms: print, ebook, and audio! You can always find me listening to an audiobook or devouring a true crime documentary or podcast!

    What Followers Can Expect: If I’m lucky enough to earn a follow, I hope I don’t disappoint! I read a wide variety of genres so I’ll have a little something for everyone. I also have a love of '90s nostalgia, so my stories are often full of funny memes, '90s memories, or a sad video if you need a good cry!

    A Recent Book I Loved: A book I absolutely devoured was The Babysitter by Liza Rodman and Jennifer Jordan. It’s the perfect mix of true crime and memoir, which are two of my favorite genres. It’s incredibly chilling but so well written. This will be a true crime novel I recommend to anyone interested in the subject. Informative but not written dry or like a textbook in any capacity. I applaud both writers for diving deep into secrets and sharing so much with the audience.⁣⁣

    12. Jasmine from @magicinsalem

    magicinsalem / Via,

    About Me: My name is Jasmine and I live in Salem, Massachusetts. I love tea, books, and finding joy in simple pleasures that allow me to live a slow, intentional life.

    What Followers Can Expect: My followers can expect a mix between curated flatlays and lifestyle shots. I love photographing and sharing content like my latest read, indoor cozy snapshots and coffee, plus some New England architecture. Living in Salem, I'm lucky to have a lot of history around me, and a lot of it overlaps with classic literature!

    A Recent Book I Loved: As someone who adores (and honestly misses!) the 2000s, I just finished reading Jessica Simpson's biography Open Book. It's written in a way where I felt like she was my friend, telling me about the wild ride she's had in life and Hollywood. It was a quick, easy read but still incredibly insightful.

    13. Sowmya from @bookishelflife

    bookishelflife / Via,

    About Me: My name is Sowmya, originally from southern India but the USA has been my home for over a decade now. I live in North Carolina with my husband, my 7-year-old daughter, and my fur baby Thor, who you might see on my feed occasionally. My grandfather was a master storyteller. I grew up listening to him telling me stories of Indian mythology and folklore. I owe my passion for reading to him.

    What Followers Can Expect: My first love will always be fantasy. People can expect a lot of gushing and fangirling over fantasy books on my account, particularly YA fantasy. I am also an advocate of #ownvoices and diverse reads as I believe that representation matters A LOT. Along with reviews and recommendations, people will also find some goofy stories, snippets of my daily life, and mental health talk on my posts and stories. I consider my feed a positive and safe space in the community. I am very friendly and a rather chatty person, so you can come say hello anytime. Just make sure you read my favorite books or I will try to convince (aka nag) you to pick them up. ;)

    A Recent Book I Loved: This is a tough one because I read a lot of great books last year! My current obsessions are Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco and The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune. I read an advanced reader copy of Kingdom of the Wicked back in August and my obsession hasn’t ceased since then!

    14. Amber from @byamberburns

    byamberburns / Via,

    About Me: I'm Amber and I'm pretty much obsessed with books and creating content. I live in Philadelphia where I work full time as a digital content strategist and also create content as a blogger and YouTuber. When I'm not reading or working, you can find me taking long walks through the city and popping into my favorite coffee shop for a (socially distant, masked up) latte (to go).

    What Followers Can Expect: I like to think of my blog and social media as my "URL" living room, so you'll find the kind of things you'd talk about when coming over to visit a good friend. I, of course, talk about the books I'm reading and loving, but I also like to share content on mental wellness and how I'm doing my best to survive and thrive in quarantine.

    A Recent Book I Loved: Just like the rest of the world right now, I am absolutely obsessed with Bridgerton! I started reading the books on Kindle once the show dropped and I'm literally eating them up like candy.

    15. Danzi from @danzibooks

    danzibooks / Via,

    About Me: My name is Danielle, but you can call me Danzi! I was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, and I currently live in Washington, DC. I’ve been an avid reader since childhood, and I always got in trouble for reading until all hours of the morning. Don’t get me wrong – I still read until all hours of the morning, but now I just don’t get in trouble. I regularly choose books over people, and I’m rarely sorry for it.

    What Followers Can Expect: Honest reviews, diverse recommendations, and (my attempts at) gorgeous photos! I love reading YA and adult science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary fiction, and I showcase these stories from BIPOC authors, including writers from the Caribbean Diaspora. I also use my page to manage my anxiety, and I encourage my followers to prioritize their mental health. I’m grateful that it has not only been a creative outlet, but also a way to build community and make genuine friendships. Black Bookstagram is magical, and my B2Weirdos are everything!

    A Recent Book I Loved: The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna! What a beautiful story of grief and grit, betrayal and belonging, trauma and triumph. It is dark and feminist and has everything I want in YA – rich world-building, meaningful themes, critical examination of power structures. And most importantly, Black Girl Magic!

    16. Sam from @never_ending_novels

    never_ending_novels / Via,

    About Me: Bonjour, everyone! I would describe myself as not all there — but I’m here!

    What Followers Can Expect: My followers can expect a good time and a safe place to chat...and to expect the unexpected.

    A Recent Book I Loved: A recent book that I truly loved was From Blood And Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout!

    17. Lauren from @agalsgottaread

    agalsgottaread / Via,

    About Me: I’m a special education teacher and when I’m not teaching my tiny humans, I’m probably planning my wedding for June! I prefer series over stand-alone books, dogs over cats, iced coffee over hot, hammocks over beach towels...and if I bring home one more plant I think my fiancé will call off our wedding.

    What Followers Can Expect: If you stumble across my account, you’ll find my random thoughts and my amateur photography skills on some books I like. I read a wide variety of genres, but you’ll mostly see a bunch of thrillers, fantasy, and YA with a sprinkle of romance!

    A Recent Book I Loved: A recent book that I really enjoyed was Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur, I highly recommend!

    18. Bernie from @apaperbacklife

    apaperbacklife ⁣ / Via,

    About Me: I’m a 23-year-old Latina living in Texas. I’m working on getting my MLIS. It’s my dream to make a career out of my love of books!

    What Followers Can Expect: If you stumble upon my bookstagram you can expect to find lots and lots of picture of me with my cup of tea (or coffee! Depending on how much caffeine I need that day) and whatever book I’m reviewing that day. Usually a contemporary book.

    A Recent Book I Loved: What You Wish For by Katherine Center. It was such a feel-good book! It’s definitely going on my favorite books of the year list! I loved the writing style, the dialogue, our quirky main character, the romance, the fact that it made me laugh, and how invested in the characters I became. I loved that it made me feel all sunny and warm inside. I dare you to read this book and not fall in love with the characters! Or the setting, for that matter. I was ready to pack my bags and head to Galveston after reading this.

    19. Kat from @themagikat

    themagikat / Via,

    About Me: Hiya! I'm Kat :) I'm a proud book nerd, theatre artist, BookTuber, and hug connoisseur. I love sunshine, the color yellow, and pretty words!

    What Followers Can Expect: My followers can expect book aesthetics, silly anecdotes, honest reviews/recs, and lots and lots of love!

    A Recent Book I Loved: I recently finished the last 500 pages of The Priory Of The Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon in under 24 hours, and I loved every single page. Check out my BookTube video about it here!

    20. Gisselle from @gissellereads

    @gissellereads / Via,

    About Me: I am from Puerto Rico and currently live in Atlanta. I rediscovered my love for reading three years ago when I suddenly had some free time after leaving a job in public accounting. I am a CPA by day and book blogger by night. I love reading across all genres and discussing books with other book lovers. I started my bookstagram account two years ago and my blog ( one year ago.

    What Followers Can Expect: I read books across all genres, so you can expect to see variety in my account. You’ll see diversity not only in genres but also authors. I love posting creative pictures and book reviews, and you’ll see the occasional appearance of my dog, Dante. I enjoy recommending books with themes — for seasons and all things book related.

    A Recent Book I Loved: I fell in love with the young adult genre in 2020. I used to not read YA because I literally thought it was meant to be read by teenagers, and I was so wrong! I realized this was a special genre after reading Elizabeth Acevedo’s books (Clap When You Land and With The Fire On High) and quickly started reading more of the genre. I stumbled upon Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, and it is a book that will stay with me for a while. What I loved the most about this book is the characters: I was so attached to them by the end of the book that I didn’t want it to end. The relationship between Ari and Dante is so beautiful and heartbreaking at times. If you like audiobooks please do yourself a favor and listen to it in audio. It is narrated by Lin Manuel Miranda and it is perfection.

    21. Lupita from @lupita.reads

    http://@lupita.reads / Via Instagram: @lupita.reads,

    About Me: My name is Lupita I am a columnist for the Washington Independent Review of Books and a book curator for BESE media company, founded by actress and activist Zoe Saldana. I am a passionate reader amplifying and highlighting books written by authors of color through my bookstagram account.

    What Followers Can Expect: I think people who follow along with my bookish journey can expect intimate reflections about the books I read. The ways in which they might have taught me something new or helped me grow or give me language for a lived experience I didn't have language for before. There is also sweaty selfies, books and beer photos, and of course my family.

    A Recent Book I Loved: A recent book I really enjoy and haven't stopped thinking about is Milk Blood Heat by Dantiel W. Moniz. There's something about the subtle but arresting descriptive lines like, "I had two hands held out, waiting to receive my due" followed by a thing that is heavy, in this case/story a character lamenting the requests and urgencies of a family and friends to become a mother only to miscarry. It's moments like this sprinkled through this collection that makes it near impossible not to see yourself as a witness in a room to these stories and characters.

    22. AJ from @readingwithglamour

    @readingwithglamour / Via,

    About Me: I'm a Virgo and introverted extrovert, born and raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia. I currently live in Houston. I'm a Howard University graduate...H-U! You know! I've been an educator for 10 years (currently a school counselor).

    What Followers Can Expect: Followers can expect reviews and highlights of BIPOC authors, genuine engagement (I enjoy interacting with my followers), fun reels, and a little glamour (no pun intended!). I also started #saintsofbookstagram to highlight faith-based books and literature to share the message of grace and hope.

    A Recent Book I Loved: I'm a church girl at heart, so Deesha Philyaw's The Secret Lives of Church Ladies has been the highlight of my most recent reads. It's not your typical book about women in the Christian church. It's an exposé of fictional short stories reflecting real life scenarios that, ironically, contradict all the things Church girls are taught to be and do. I believe that every Church girl can find a piece of herself in these stories. It's a must-read.

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