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    14 Book Tweets That Have No Right Being This Funny

    "I miss the days when my biggest concern was what I would purchase from the Scholastic Book Fair."

    During a time when it's hard to find laughter or joy in just about anything, book lovers come through with content we can't help but crack a smile over. So we hope these book tweets lift your spirits.


    I bet if we held a scholastic book fair adjacent to polling stations, more people would vote.


    me: my new book is fantastic friend: can i borrow it when you’re done? me: you can’t color it in twice


    julius: hey brutus, lookin' sharp brutus: what knife julius: what brutus: what


    I miss the days when my biggest concern was what I would purchase from the Scholastic Book Fair


    How it started: How it’s going: I’m gonna write I have a novel during forgotten how quarantine to read


    this can’t be the same brain i was using to read 750 page novels in 3 days during middle school



    Remember that story by Edgar Allan Poe called "The Masque of the Red Death" about a plague that ravages the working class while the aristocracy acts like nothing's happening because they can shut their doors and ignore the suffering and then the plague gets them anyways


    villager: ah! it’s frankenstein! dr. frankenstein: actually, i’m frankenstein. you can call him frankenstein’s- frankenstein’s monster: *glaring* dr. frankenstein: frankenstein’s friend


    bingley: you told elizabeth her inferior social standing is a disgrace? darcy: yes bingley: and this was… before the proposal, or after? darcy: during bingley: darcy



    a book club but we all read different books at our own pace we just like to hear each other’s thoughts


    Interesting 1* review of Pride & Prejudice on Amazon 🧐


    when a commercial says "available wherever books are sold" it sounds like they don't know where books are sold

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