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    Beauty Trends From 2007 That Should Never Make A Comeback

    Just say no to over-tweezing.

    1. Frosted, metallic eyeshadow because that shit got everywhere.

    2. A heavy load of bronzer and self-tanner because we all slightly resembled orange peels.

    3. Bright ass eyeshadow because it was just too extra.

    4. Frosted pink lipstick because it was a color that looked good on so few.

    5. Clear glossy lips because that shit was terrible when the wind accidentally blew your hair into your mouth.

    6. Lining your waterline in heavy black eyeliner because it was always smudged under your eyes within an hour of applying.

    7. Thin and over-tweezed eyebrows because WHY???

    8. Super smokey eye for both a day and night look because we just need to pick a lane.

    9. Colored eyeliner because it was always a little bit overboard.

    10. Curling the fuck out of your wispy eyelashes because they were way too dramatic.

    11. Thick as hell eyeliner because it was all just too much.

    12. Magenta lipstick because you'd always find a bit on your front teeth.

    13. And finally, Jumbo Lip Smackers because no matter how big they got, we still lost them after a few weeks anyway.