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    16 Photoshopped Images Of Female Bodies That'll Make You Roll Your Eyes Real Hard

    MORE unrealistic beauty standards for women.

    1. "Women's boobs absolutely look like this."

    add217 / Via

    2. "No, no, no. Raise the cheeks higher. Higher. HIGHER. YES VERY GOOD LIKE THAT."

    tehmehme / Via

    3. "Can you make her look taller? I'm talking like nine foot nine."

    @hillsbytheair / Via Instagram: @hillsbytheair

    4. "I dunno, she looks a bit squat for a pregnant woman. How about we elongate her body a bit?"

    Swim4alife / Via

    5. "AH yes, her lower half is much more realistic now."

    aMillee / Via

    6. "Let's just give her a Disney princess waist, OK? It'll look totally real."

    punk_loki / Via

    7. "Yeah, one leg is really working well here. Especially if we make it the width of an actual pipe cleaner."

    AshamedUnion / Via

    8. "Take her waist in and airbrush the shit out of her body, please."

    ErronHallow / Via

    9. "No, bring it in more. MORE. But expand the hips. Yup, looks so realistic."

    10. "Now make it look like she doesn't have internal organs."

    Foucay / Via

    11. "Nope, not small enough yet. We really want people to forget women have ribs."

    Sunflowerseeds__ / Via

    12. "Great work. The butt and waist ratio is just perfect."

    mcmanhands / Via

    13. "Let's really go to town on that thigh gap."

    sweep_27 / Via

    14. "Oh yeah. Women's arms for sure bend like this."

    Abandoned-Potato / Via

    15. "Can we make the legs and arms as thin as possible? You know what, just get rid of the left one."

    Skragbiz / Via

    16. "You know what's super distracting on women? Belly buttons. Let's just rid it all together. NAILED IT."

    BaddyVelvet / Via

    H/T to r/CrappyDesign, r/BadPhotoshop, and r/Badwomensanatomy

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